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The Magway Region (Magwe Region; Magway Division), Myanmar: Magwe Region (also called Magway) is a region in Central Myanmar. The Magway Region (Magwe Region Burma: ???

?????????????????, pronounced: Comprising population statistics, maps, map and location, Magway (district, Myanmar). Mothers' health care for newborns and children in the townships of Gangaw and Ngaphae in the Magway - Myanmar region.

Maternity care for newborns and children in the Magway region, Myanmar

It is assuming a continuity of supply for reproduction and children's healthcare through a number of urban districts. They are coordinated with each other' s policies and focus on effective, cost-effective intervention and the provision of coordinated provision of basic and communal support at EU and local government policymaking. Providing key healthcare is addressing the major causes of mothers', neonates' and children's deaths and illnesses for impoverished and endangered people in Gangaw and Ngape.

It will support (i) the education of basic healthcare personnel, in particular nurses, municipal healthcare personnel and support nurses; (ii) the improvement of medical and medical supplies; (iii) the delivery of obstetrics and neo-natal emergencies and (iv) the small-scale renovation of healthcare institutions. Intended downship activity is carried out according to the downship healthcare plans.

Saving the Children is the leading agent for this initiative and is in charge of the realization and success control of the initiative. The Burnet Group provides engineering guidance in the area of Township HH capacities development, education, monitoring, assessment and assistance in a number of areas, such as ( (i) education and surveillance of primary, secondary and communal healthcare personnel; and (ii) engineering assistance for surveillance and assessment schemes, logging, analysis and use at township levels.

2.1.13 Myanmar, Magway Port of Magway and Minbu Region - Logistics capacity assessment

Magway Harbour comprises a ferry terminal in the center of Magway and a general cargo berth nearby. Minbu Harbour is on the opposite side of the Magway riverbank and is made up of two docks that can be reached by lorry, one for general goods and one for gas.

There are no moorings in either harbour, the ships dock on the riverbank and use footbridges for uploading and downloading. Magway's Directorate of Freshwater Resources and Improvement of the Magway Rivers (DWRIRS) is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the Magway and Minbu Shipyards. Minbu harbour is used more frequently in the arid and Magway harbour in the rainy seasons, according to sea levels and moorings.

Management company or port authority: Water Resources and River System Improvement Directorate (DWRIRS), under the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Next airports and airlines: From Magway International Aerodrome (10km). Near Naypyitaw International Naypyitaw International Park (distance 190 km). The shipowner' s organized themselves in a comitee in Magway. Ships have a maximum draught reduction of 800 MT during the drying period and a maximum of 1500 GRT.

Further information about the ports can be found under the following link: Contact list of 4 harbour and waterway companies here. In 2015, the number of ships in the harbour was around 36 per ship per working hour, an annual figure of 1,070 ships per moth. Approximately 482,423 tons of freight per months, mainly raw material (rice, legumes, oils, crude oils, building material (cement, ferrous bars).

There is a minimal draught of the canal from Pyay to Magway and Magway to Pakokku of 10. 35ft (6m) in the rainy and arid seasons, at least 1. There is a limitation of the max. permissible amount of load during the drying period due to the low draught of the flow.

Middle of November to middle of May, low draught. According to the trunking strip, 50% charge is absorbed by the boat. The Directorate for Water Resources and Improvement of the River System (DWRIRS), which reports to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, collects a flat-rate charge for the use of the canal. The DWRIRS calculates 0.20 Kyat/MT capacity/mile per journey (tariff from June 2016).

It is calculated at the Twantay, Nyaungdong, Pyay, Magway, Mandalay and Kathar rivers. A dockage fee per ship per call is levied by the Sanitary Department under regional administration; this is to be transferred to the DWRIRS. There''s no harbour transhipment devices, just manually. The load can only be transported by lorry.

There' s no rail link and Magway International is inactive.

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