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Magway is located in central Myanmar, on the eastern bank of the Ayeyawaddy River and is the capital of the Magway region. Bucharest, Burmese Magway, City, West Central Myanmar (Burma). Magway, Magway Myanmar, Magway Travel, Magway travel guide, map, photos

Magway is situated in the centre of Myanmar, on the east shore of the Ayeyawaddy and is the main town of the Magway region. Depending on your budgets and your transport preferences, you can travel to Magway by road, plane or canoe. The labyrinth of small alleys of this medium-sized town takes the visitor to the Mya-Tha-Lun Pagoda, which is situated in the northern part of the town as a nice, well-preserved gilt stupa on a hill with a magnificent panorama of the town.

According to tradition, the pagoda was first constructed by Demonic Brother. Crossing the riverbank, just off the northern side of the viaduct, is Nga Ka Pwe Taung, a burping basin on four uneven hills. In second place stands Nanda, the daugther or rather the offspring of the mythic dragon Myanmar King.

This mud is not heated when the toe is pushed in and washed at the bottom of a small python containing two huge pagodas filled with" bison milk" every day. You can also find Magway-Minbu here. There are a few restaurants on the meandering street just south of Minbu area with a view of the riverbank.

You can also see the pagoda "Shin-pain set Kein Te" with its gold shine from a distance. From this pagoda you can see the beautiful urban landscape of Magway and the resting Na Gar Pwat vulcano splashing out of the wax. You have the opportunity to explore the Myanmar cultural life with the old town of Minbu.

This is the site of the Kyaungdawgyi Convent, which has been in existence for over 110 years and is made entirely of tea-tree. This is the place for a broad range of woodcarvings and embossings from Myanmar. If you are travelling north of Minbu, you can go to the Pwint Phyu Township, where you can watch the Sandaku Nantha Kyaung Pagoda.

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