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Map of Magway Division Myanmar

Streets, rivers, cities in the Magwe Department of Central Burma. Toggle to satellite image view, terrain map, zoom in or zoom out and pan right, left, up and down. Township, Myanmar with population statistics, maps, map and location. ? Asia ?

Myanmar ? Administration Department - Google+ - Tweet. I-Google Map com with satellite images of Magway, Magway Division, Burma and surrounding area.

MIMU Magway.

The Magway region is one of the key areas of Myanmar, bordering Chin and Rakhine to the south and Bago to the south, Mandalay and Naypyitaw to the east and Legaing to the North. The Magway area is 44,819 km2 and comprises 25 cities and the main town is Magway. This is one of the most populous areas in the state ( "6th place") with an estimate of 4.09 million inhabitants (HMIS 2011 data) or 91 persons per sqkm.

15 per cent of the inhabitants are living in city areas, the other 85 per cent in countryside areas. In this section you will find information on the cross-governmental co-ordination structure, national policies and roadmaps and other key documents of relevance for co-ordination, programming and resources allocations. In this section you will find a set of Town Hall Profile of the General Administration Department - 2017 and Department of population - Census 2014.

In this section you will find both Myanmar related information/best practices and Myanmar related information/discussions.

Maps - Magway Region (Magwe Region; Magway Division), Myanmar

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Magway map - city map, satelite and city map

It is located at 20.15 north of the Earth's surface, 94.92 east and 50 metres above seag. Manhattan is a city in Myanmar with about 96,954 people. Magway's map allows you to move securely to, from and through Magway. Magway's Sat Viewer lets you see all the topographical detail around your current position or take a virtual tour of Magway's roads from the comfort of your own home.

You can use your handheld to get direction to Magway or find a particular location in Magway.

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