Magway City

city of Magway

The capital of the Magway region (formerly Magway Division) of Myanmar, Magway is located on the banks of the Irrawaddy River. Big savings on hotels in Magway, Myanmar online. The Magway City Star Hotel, Magway, Magway, Burma.

Beauty of Magway City (or) My Home

Mayway is the capitol of the Magway region Myanmar and lies on the bank of the Irrawaddy River. Myathalun Pagoda in the northern part of the city is Magway's emblem. The Magway region covers an area of 44,820 km2 and is the second biggest of Myanmar's seven subdivisions. It consists of the Magwe, Minbu, Thayet, Pakokku and Gangaw with 25 citieships and 1,696 station villages.

Magwe is the city' s capitol (estimated 300,000 inhabitants in 1994). Others big cities are Pakokku, Aunglan, Yenangyaung and Minbu. The Magway region is known for the production of lemon seeds and many types of walnuts. The Magway Ayarwady Bridge is the most popular bridge in Magway. Irrawaddy River is the most important transport system in the Magway region, both in goods volumes and in the number of passengers carried.

The Irrawaddy is home to Magway, Pakokku, Minbu, Yenangyaung, Chauk, Allanmyo and Thayetmyo. The Mya Tha llun is one of the most popular pagodas in Magway. When someone comes to Magway, he will go to Mya tha llun as first. Mya tha llun pagodas are so charming for Magway.

There are many universities and colleges: Magway University, Computer University, University of Medicine ,University of Communities Heath, Technological University and Teacher Training College in Magway City. I' ve also studied at Magway University. I' d like to speak about General Park in downtown Magway City.

I like the sunset with my honey on the riverbank.

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