Maglang (Javanese: ?????

) is one of six cities in central Java, each ruled by a mayor and not a Bupati. Muaglang, city, central Java (Jawa Tengah) propinsi (or province; province), Java, Indonesia. You can save a lot with a variety of Magelang hotels! Maglang is known for its sacred temples and churches. Magelang adalah salah satu kota di provinsi Jawa Tengah.

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Utara Magelang (North Magelang): Maglang Tengah: Selatan (South Magelang): In Magelang there are three steles of historic importance, Poh, Gilikan and Mantyasih, all of which are engraved on a single sheet of cupper. You became Meteseh or Magelang. Magelang became the residence of the British Empire when Great Britain colonized Magelang in the 18th c. and was placed on the same footing as a reign with Mas Ngabehi Danukromo as the first Bupati.

In 1818 Magelang became the capitol of Karesidenan Kedu. When the Dutch conquered the British, Magelang became the centre of the British business world because of its strategical position. Demographics on the basis of their religions and beliefs, Magelang has different and different beliefs and religions. The majority of Magelangb├╝rger are Muslims, but there are minorities such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, and there is also spiritism and tradition of Jordan.

On the Elo River, situated in the county of Magelang, there is whitewater canoeing. Pemuda Jalan ("Youth Street") is Magelangs Pecinan (Chinatown). In Magelang there are a number of sports facilities. For example, a course was opened in 2006: the Borobudur International golf and country club. The Gedung Olah Raga "Samapta" is also a favourite sports resort in the North Magelang sub-district.

This area is being designed because of the plans to increase its level of sport centre in Central Java. The Badaan Gardens are situated in Jalan Pahlawan (Pahlawan Road) and one of two Gardens in Magelang. The most important means of transport operated in Magelang are automobiles, motorbikes, buses, cabins, becaks and bikes.

Today, the most beloved of them are automobiles and bikes. Than, for mass transit is mainly with busses and automobiles. In the past, Magelang had a railroad line from Semarang to Yogyakarta, which passed in its center (along Jalan Pemuda), but has since been diverted outside the town. 2 ] Unfortunately, the railroad line no longer works today.

Since Magelang does not have its own international airports, it operates from Yogyakarta Adisutjipto International Yogyakarta International Yogyakarta Adisutjipto International Surakarta Adisumarmo International Surakarta Adisutjipto International Surakarta Adisutjipto International Achmad Yani International Semarang International Yogyakarta Adisutjipjipto International Surakarta Adisumarmo International Achmad Yani International Semarang International Semarang International Yogyakarta Yogyakarta Adisutjipto International Semarararmo and Semarang International Achmad Yani International Semarang International Semarang International Semarang International Semarang International Semarang International Semarang International Semarang International Semarang International Semarang International Semarang International Semarang International Semarang. It then takes about an hours by coach, automobile or cab to get to the Adisucipto from Magelang. Today, however, Adi Sucipto International Yogyakarta International Airports is more easily accessible by using the DAMRI coach, which is used specifically to transport passengers from Magelang to Adi Sucipto Airports and back.

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