Mayadan is one of the few ports in this remote part of Russia that is kept open in winter by local icebreakers. The Magadan port and administrative centre of the Magadan region, in northeastern Russia. It is a city and a seaport on the coast of the Okhotsk Sea, in the northeast of Russia, in the Far East.

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In May 1944 Magadan was attended by US Vice President Henry Wallace. He immediately liked his clandestine police officer hosting, marveled at the manual work of the detainees, and later fervently named the city a Tennessee Valley Authority and Hudson's Bay Company combo. It has a marina (fully accessible from May to December) and a small trans-national aerodrome, Sokol Aerodrome.

Also there is a small inland aerodrome near by, Magadan 13. From Magadan, the Kolyma Highway runs into the wealthy Kolyma River goldmine district and on to Yakutsk. The Magadan is very segregated. It has a number of different places of interest, such as the Anthropology and Geology Museums, a local public collection, a local public collection and a school.

In the city there is the new Orthodox Cathedral of the Trinity, a recently finished Roman Catholic Church of the Nativity and the Mask of Sorrow monument, a large statue commemorating the sacrifices of Stalin, created by Ernst Neizvestny. Shalamov is at the top of the Varlam Shalamov labor camps and Mikhail Krug's homonymous ballad, and was a focus of Ewan McGregor, Charley Boorman and their team's 2004 Long Way Round bike tour.

Magadan's microclimate is sub-arctic (Köppen Dfc climatic classification). Annya Garnis (*1982), professionally danced, grew up in Magadan, but was not a native of Magadan. And Magadan is a partner: Skip up to: a p r o s t h e u s c h e Federal State Statistics Service (2011). 1"[2010 All-Russia Census, Volume 1].

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With effect from December 31, 2004.). Vikivoyage has a guidebook for Magadan. Magadan: The historical sources of his name. Documentary: displaced by the memory of Magadan.

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