The Mafeteng is a town in Lesotho and the Camptown (capital) of the district of Mafeteng. The Mafeteng is a town in Lesotho. dp="mw-headline" id="Referenzen">Referenzen[edit]>> The Mafeteng is a Lesotho municipality and the Camptown (capital) of the Mafeteng area. Situated about 76 kilometers southwards of the capitol Maseru and has about 61,000 inhabitants[1] The southernfrican frontier to Mafeteng is Wepener. It is said that the name of the village comes from an early tourist, Emile Roland, who had the nickname "Lefeta", which means a " traveler " or "passer-by".

Translated into English by Mafeteng "The Place of Passers-by". Many fights took place near Mafeteng during the gun war of 1880/81. Situated near the Bantu Stadium of Mafeteng, the graveyard contains an obelisks in remembrance of members of the Cape Army who died in the area.

The Diphiring mill, a fully functional mill, founded outside the city in 1912 by William S. Scott and now run by the Osborne family, a miller by trade[2] The entire mill is powered by a unique motor with a complicated belt drive system, is still one of the attractions in Mafeteng.

The Mafeteng Group has several industry evolutions, among them a Gap/Old Navy garment plant and the Lesotho Pharmaceutical Company (LPC), which also export to several regional markets. The Mafeteng has two properties, the Golden Hotel on the way to Maseru and the Mafeteng Hotel on Hospital Rd. They are the centre of the city's night life: each has a pub and a pub.

While Mafeteng has little tourists, travellers sometimes stop at Buy N Take on their way to the Van Rooyen's Gate checkpoint at Wepener or Malealea Lodge, a Mafeteng District stop. Famo-Music Mosotho Chakela was borne in Mafeteng in 1963. The Mafeteng is home to the Bantu Stadium.

Historically it has been the venue for athletics, volley ball, net and football competitions. Winner go to local competitions in Maseru to promote the area. The St. Thomas High School football team withdrew from the Bantu Stadium competition in 2004 and won the German championship. However, after the 2004 event, Bantu Stadium had to be shut down due to the refurbishment of the fencing surrounding the pitch and observation areas.

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