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Thailand Mae

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?, pronounced[m??? ????n]) is a county (Amphoe) of the province Chiang Mai in the northern part of Thailand. It is located about 40 km eastwards of Chiang Mai. Neighbouring communities are (from the western side clockwise) San Kamphaeng and Doi Saket of Chiang Mai province; Mueang Pan and Mueang Lampang of Lampang province, Ban Thi, Mueang Lamphun and Mae Tha of Lamphun province.

The Mae Ta Krai National Park guards the spring of On River (?????????), a creek of the Ping River that gives the area its name. The Mae On is a favourite place for mountaineers who want to ascend the chalk rocks of the Crazy Horse Buttress in the Khun Tan Range.

Crazy Horse rock climbs have grown considerably since 2000 with the work of Joshua Morris and Khaetthaleeya Uppakham in composing their A Guide to Rock climbing in Northern Thailand[1][2] Other touristic sites in the city are the city' s naturally occurring heat sources and the Mae On caves. It has six subdistricts (tambons), split into 49 towns (muban).

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