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Lecture:Mae Sot/Listings - Wikitravel It is 86 km from Amphoe Mueang Tak. His former name is Phra No Ke. It is situated on the plains bordered by the mountain range of Thailand and Myanmar. The area is about 2,600 square kilometers; the inhabitants are mountain tribes, immigrants from Amphoe Mueang and some of Burma's inhabitants, who have a Thai background here.

An archeologist has found the ruins of an old city in a dense Amphoe Mae Ramat forrest. The Wat Mani Phraison (?????????????) This sanctuary is near the Mae Sot Market. Khiri Wat Chumphon (????????????) This sanctuary is situated in the municipality of Tambon Mae Sot. The new Chedi is an mimic of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar.

This large cascade is situated in Tambon Mae Kasa. From Mae Sot - Mae Ramat (highway no. 105), take the signs to Ban Mae Kuet Sam Tha at km 13 - 14 for about 4 km and take a trace of the street for about 1.5 km.

This 2m width fountain is in Tambon Mae Kasa, directly in the town. Take the road Mae Sot - Mae Ramat, turn at km 13 - 14 and continue on the same road to Namtok Mae Kasa for about 7 km and head for the well.

Hill Development and Assistance Centre and Tak Plant and Production Factor Service Centre (Doi Muser) (??????????????????????????????????????????????????? (????????) The Hilltribe Development and Assistance Centre is based in Tambon Phawo on Doi Muser (Muser Hill) under the auspices of the Department of Public Welfare. Currently, most mountain tribes in Thailand have emigrated from southern China, Shan state and Kengtung of Myanmar.

There is also a Ban Umyom educational tour where you can learn about the way of live and the habitats of the mountain population. There is also a natural path for a daily excursion to see teas and coffees, paddy field and leaching waters and to admire the waterfalls along the way.

Please refer to the Hill Tribe Development and Assistance Centre of Tak, P.O. Box 2, Amphoe Mueang, Tak 63000 for further information. Take Highway 105 (Tak - Mae Sot), turn to your right at km 25 - 26 and follow the slope for another 3 km. The Doi Muser Horticultural Experiment Station (????????????????????????) is situated near the Tak Plant Service Center on the Thanon Thong Chai Range, 900 MSL.

The Doi Muser hill Tribe Market (????????????????????????????????????????) Situated at the edge of the Tak - Mae Sot Road (Highway No. 105) at Km 29, this supermarket is open every day. The Chaopho Phawo Monastery (??????????????) is situated on a small hillside at the bottom of Phawo Mountain, between km 62 - 63 on the Tak - Mae Sot Rail.

This is Amazing Highland (?????????) and it is situated at Km 68 on the Tak - Mae Sot Routes. This wood sanctuary is situated in Tambon Mae Pa on Highway No. 105 (Tak - Mae Sot Route) at about Km 69. Situated in Mu 1, Tambon Tha Sai Luat, about 5 km from the city of Mae Sot.

Highway 105 (Tak - Mae Sot Route) to Rim Moei Market, about 84 km before the Thai - Myanmar Friendship Bridge. It is a Mahayana Buddhist (Great Vehicle) template of the Thai Yai tribe, whose tradition, culture and ritual are influenced by the Union of Myanmar.

In the interior of the sanctuary is Phra Phutthamahamuni, an effigy of the holy Buddha picture in Mandalay, Union of Myanmar, which receives great reverence from the Takfolk. Myanmar Friendship Brigde (???????????????-????) The brigde is situated in Tambon Tha Sai Luat, across the Moei River between Tak's Mae Sot and Myawadi in the Union of Myanmar.

Travellers from abroad who wish to cross the Myanmar Union must present their passport in order to obtain a free entry permit at the Thai frontier migration control. It is a municipality on the banks of the Moei River, opposite Myawadi of the Union of Myanmar.

There is also a supermarket for Thailand and Myanmar produce such as shellfish, dry sprouts, dry seafish, "Hua Yung" lake fishing (Hapardontidae), shiitake mushrooms, coffee-bean, leather goods, sateen, etc. as well as a supermarket for precious stones like ruby, colored stones, etc. from the Union of Myanmar.

From Mae Sot Market to Rim Moei Market there is a shuttle buses departing from the Thai - Myanmar Friendship Bridge every day. This Chedi is in Ban Wang Takhian (Phrathat Hin Kio (??????????????????????????). The village inhabitants call the rock'Chedi Hin Phra In Khwaen', which is recognized by the inhabitants of Tak and the surrounding counties.

Take Highway 105 via Ban Tha At and Ban Wang Takhian and turn right to drive a 3km road to Chedi. Moei Riviera (aka Thaungyin in Myanmar) (?????????) This is the border between Myanmar and Thailand.

Divide is in Ban Mokoe, Tambon Phop Phra, Amphoe Phop Phra. It crosses Mae Sot, Mae Ramat and Tha Song Yang to Mae Hong Son to flow into the Salween in Myanmar before ending in the Gulf of Martaban. From Mae Sot, take Highway 105 for about 10 km to the frontier.

It' another Tak county bordering Myanmar, 120 km from the city of Tak. The Mae Ramat county was believed to be a Karen parish. Coming from Tak city, take the Tak - Mae Sot - Mae Ramat or the Tak - Ban Tak - Mae Ramat routes.

Wats Don Kaeo (??????????) This shrine is behind the Mae Ramat District Office. The Mae Tuen Wildlife Sanctuary (??????????????????????????????) It is situated in the Mae Tuen woods and covers an area of 733,125Ri in Amphoe Mae Ramat and Amphoe Sam Ngao. This mound is behind the head office. This 12km long cruise begins at the head office of the Mae Tuen Wildlife Sanctuary, about 30km from the Mae Ramat - Ban Tak line, and passes through the sanitary.

Guests can pitch a camp around the headquarter for an night. On Highway 1175, Ban Tak - Mae Ramat Rout. The new Khun Phawo National Parks (?????????????????????) is situated on the Mae Ramat - Ban Tak road, about 18 km from a crossroads to Mae Ramat.

Whitewater white-water canoeing lasts about 1 litre an hour, from km 50 on the Tak - Mae Sot trail and leads through the surroundings of the lake and a wooded rock. Coming from Tak, take Highway 105, Tak - Mae Sot Road, to km 62 and continue for 750 metres from the Phawo Shrine to the park's provisional camp.

It is bordering the Union of Myanmar along the Moei River. Amphoe Mae Sot is about 84 km from Amphoe Tha Song Yang. From Tak Town to Amphoe Tha Song Yang the route is about 169 km. The Mae Moei National Parks (?????????????????????????) The reserve has an area linked to the Moei River, which forms the border between the Union of Myanmar and Thailand.

Landscape has been created at the park's head office, which has been wonderfully planted with beautiful flowers. You will need a tour leader, so please call the parks in time. It is located on the natural path and the most noteworthy cascade in the reserve. There is a walk in the woods organised by the parks to "enjoy the falls, spend a day on the grassy fields and watch the fog.

From Mae Sot - Mae Sariang Highway No. 105, turn right after km 94 for another 2 km. Lookout behind the park's headquarters: These hill tops are about 7 km away from the head office of the parks. Situated about 14 km from the park's head office.

Please refer to Mae Moei National Park, Amphoe Tha Song Yang, Tak 63150. Or, visit the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, Bang Khen, Bangkok. Coming from Tak city, take the Mae Sot - Mae Ramat - Tha Song Yang Road (Highway No. 105) for about 114 km, and turn right at the Mae Salit check point to Amphoe Omkoi, Chiang Mai.

Follow the ascending street for about 11 km before you reach the park's head office. It is forbidden to take a large coach because the street is very precipitous (Note: Hwy No. 105 from Mae Sot to Mae Ramat and Tha Song Yang is along the boundary line. As an alternative, you can take the public transport service from Mae Sot to Ban Mae Salit Luang and rent a vehicle to get to the park's head office.

Originally this cascade was named "Namtok Phoe Pha" and became "Namtok Phop Phra". Take Highway No. 1090 and turn right at Km 31 - 32 towards Amphoe Phop Phra. Take Highway 1206, which is located next to the cement footbridge on the right.

It is situated at km 12 just before Amphoe Phop Phra. The Namtok Pha Charoen National Parks This reserve includes the areas of Tambon Chong Khaep, Tambon Phop Phra and Tambon Khiri Rat of Amphoe Phop Phra and Tambon Dan Mae Lamao, Tambon Phawo, Tambon Phrathat Pha Daeng, Tambon Mae Ku, Tambon Mae Tao and Tambon Mahawan of Amphoe Mae Sot with a total of 534,375 Ra.

On 8 November 1994 it was proclaimed a protected area. You can take Highway No. 1090 (Mae Sot - Umphang Route) and turn to your right at Km 37 for about 700 m Bo Nam Ron Huai Nam Nak: Today there are pavilions provided by the Phop Phra District Administration next to the fountain on Ro Pho Cho Street.

The journey is via Highway No. 1206 (Phop Phra - Ban Chong Khaep Route) and before Amphoe Phop Phra turn right into the town of Huai Nam Nak. Situated in the Mae Sot wooded area at Mu 4, Tambon Phop Phra, this is the highest point of the border between Myanmar and Thailand.

It' about 512 meters high, overhanging a wood in Myanmar. In the cooler months of the year, a maze of fog can be seen over the Moei River, which forms the border between Myanmar and Thailand. Continue along Highway 1090 (Mae Sot - Umphang Route) and turn off at km 43 for about 16 km on a curvy road to a town.

Arrival via Highway No. 1090 (Phop Phra - Umphang-Route) and turn off to your right before 42 km for about 20 km. The journey can be made via Highway No. 1090. They are 11 km from Amphoe Phop Phra. There are two visitors' garages in the area.

If you would like more information, please consult the head of Namtok Pha Charoen National Parks, Km 37, Mu 6, Tambon Chong Khaep, Amphoe Phop Phra, Tak 63160. Alternatively, please consult the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Protection Department. Continue along Highway 1090 (Mae Sot - Umphang Route) and turn to your right at Km 37 for about 700m.

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