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Guidebook for Mae Sot Its most breathtaking scenery is deeply inside the cavern, where an opening in the top lets in gold lights. On the way back to the source of heat is the Thai Samakkhee Temple, which contains a Buddha picture that derives its name from the famed Buddha picture Laung Por Thun Jai, which is thought to quickly fulfill your wish. Its gravitational rocks are golden and resemble the Kyaiktiyo pit (Golden Rock) in the state of Myanmar, only smaller. Supposedly a small naturally formed small spaghetti sitting on the rocks. Returning to the city, you will visit the Thai Wattanaram Tempel, a Thai-Burmese template from 1857.

It is now a haven for Myanmar friars and home to a giants, 46. 5 meter long lying Buddha in Burmesian look, i.e. with more distinctive eye liner and hot erotic expression. Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge across the riverbank opens every morning and travellers can take a brief look at the neighbouring countries, as they can make a full excursion across the frontier without having to apply for a permit.

It allows you to see some Buddhist monasteries, such as the Gold Pagoda (or Jedi Tanga in Thai), which is not dissimilar to the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and houses a gold Buddha picture that is a copy of the Mahamuni Buddha picture in Mandalay. Another attraction that is well deserved a stop is the Temple of Crocodiles, where you will see a giant sculpture of crocodiles with a small gazebo on its back.

Until you return to Thailand, don't miss the opportunity to visit Bogyoke Street (near the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge) with its nice antiques shops or the lively Myawaddee Market for a lively flavour of Myanmar cuisine. However, to avoid all the trouble, Thai travel agencies are offering B1,200-B1,300 daily excursions, which include all costs (gas and registration fee) plus a chauffeur who can talk Myanmar.

When you want to buy some jewellery without going over the frontier, you will pass Prasartwithee Road, where there is a large jewellery town. Begin your day with a walk to Siripanich Road in quest of the delicious Roti Ong (151 Siripanich Road, 5.00-9.00 am). If you want the more famous roasted one, go to Store Ocha (5/1 Isambamrung Road, 055-531-786, 4am-5pm), where they sell it for as low as 3 B per one.

The Mae Sot Market on Prasatwithee Road sells Thailand and Burma delicacies all days. Maitree Baan (80 Asia Road, 055-533-334, 084-382-8839, A new two-storey building on Asia Road offering inexpensive, neat rooms with free Wi-Fi on the B450 per room per bed and breakfasts. Iraqi Mountain Resort (758/1-2 Intarakhiri Road, 055-535 430, 080-771-0938,

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