Mae Sot Tourist Attractions

Sot Mae Tourist Attractions

Travel guide to the sights in Mae Sot Tak Thailand. The Mae Tao Clinic. The most important activities in Mae Sot, Thailand We focus on burger, which includes imaginative varieties such as Thai (with pât taï spice and sauteed shine in the morning) or Myanmar (with curried condiments and Myanmar tomatoes salad). A cozy place that offers pát tar with a touch of locality: grilled meat and grilled pig topping. Cozy café with delicious Myanmar lettuce, pasta and candy.

If you want the real Burma-themed, non-myawaddy teen shop adventure, come and see this welcoming café with delicious sweets, light refreshments and, of course, Burma's popular tunes.

The 10 best activities in Mae Sot, Thailand

Buddhism is a predominant part of the Mae Sot civilization and is embodied as such by the many beautiful built buddhistic churches. If you visit some of these churches, you can not only get to know the Mae Sot civilization, but also see some completely breathtaking and decorative Buddhistic constructions. Wattanaram Wat Thai is a Buddhistic temple strongly affected by its closeness to the Myanmar frontier.

Constructed in the Myanmar Mahayana Buddhism architecture, the building is a noteworthy building. Inside the sanctuary is a large Buddha made out of pure white sandstone, similar to the Buddha picture of Wat Don Kaeo. As you travel inside the sanctuary, you will see many other fine portrayals of the Buddha School.

Outside you can see the infamous (huge) lying Buddha sculpture - an unbelievable view. The Wat Chumpol Khiri is another Myanmar based pyramid whose principal page is a copy of the Shwedagon in Yangon, Myanmar. The Wat Mani Phraison is known for its golden Buddha sculpture (see above) and the Chedi Wihan Samphutthe - a edifice full of over half a million Buddha pictures and encircled by over two hundred small palagodas.

Chao Por Phawo Sanctuary (often referred to as Pha Wo Sanctuary) is only fifteen kilometers from Mae Sot, towards Tak. It is a holy place where passers-by are meant to sound their horn or to trigger a firework display - both are a symbol of esteem.

Legend has it that the sanctuary was constructed to honour the bravery of the soldiers who protected the rock gate in antiquity. Hilltribe Markets was initially founded as Ban Umyom Hilltribe Cultural Center to advise senior managers in the area of tourist industry services. Nowadays it has turned into a fair full of traditional gems such as clothing, jewellery, household goods, groceries and more!

Well-loved multi-national grocery store chains have found their way to Thailand, which means they should give consumers the chance to come and see them and make big cuts. What is a trip to Thailand without discovering some of its beauty? If you are tired, you can also have a picknick in the garden or simply relax and admire the views.

Taksin Maharat National Park is home to some unbelievable wildlife treasures, such as Thailand' biggest trees, several falls, caverns, rock outcrops, and much more. Whilst some may wonder what is so great about a giant Christmas trees, Ton Krabak Yai (yes, he has his own name) is a 700 year old Krabak pole, which is about 50 metres high and has a 5 metre dia.

The Saphan Hin (stone bridge), Tran Loard Krow Cage (with storactites and stalagmites) and the Pang A Noi, Mae Ya Pa and Sam Muen Thung waterfalls are other attractions in the area. Now, to one of the best parts of every trip to Thailand - the meal! If you can cook Thai foods, why eating them only?

This course begins with a guide through the primary store, where you will have the opportunity to help choose the right ingredient for your complete cook! As soon as you have finished the course, you can eat in the kitchen and take home a Borderline cookery book so you can keep reinventing these magic prescriptions.

You will be taken to the rain forest where you can admire an abundance of flower, a thunderous cascade and calming sound. Whilst the meal (a wide range of Thai, local and flavoursome dishes) is definitely a pleasure, the visitors will fell in awe. It' difficult not to get upset when it comes to Thailand.

Featuring a wealth of beauties, heritage, culture, welcoming locals and astonishing cuisine, Mae Sot is an ideal place to enjoy some of what Thailand has to offer. Come and see Mae Sot for yourself.

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