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Hi everyone, I will be in Yangoon, Myanmar in February and then drive to Chiang Mai. It' possible to pass the boundary at Mae Sot/Myawaddy? 2, it is secure to pass the boundary at this place, especially nowadays? When there is a straight coach from Yangoon to Chiang Mai or when I have to transfer from Yangoon to Myawaddy and then from Mae Sot to Chiand Mai?

It' secure and possible to pass the frontier at Mae Sot/Myawaddy. There''s no straight line from Yangon to Chiang Mai. Yes, there is a straight line coach, but ChangMai-Chileik frontier.

Migrants are worried about the effects of the Mae Sot Industrial Park

Mae Sot' s creation of a SEZ by the Thai authorities to enhance trafficking and communication between Thailand and Myanmar could have disastrous effects on the population. Among them are an estimated half a million migrants from Myanmar who live just across the Thai-Band.

The present Thai army regime, however, wants to enforce them. Ma Khin Wai, 37, a migratory labourer, a mothers of two children who is currently living in the area of Myanmar City, which is known as Myanmar City because of the large number of migrants. Early this year, the Thai government took more than 3. 2 km2 of property in Mae Sot, along with ranches and houses, as one of 10 SEDs that the Thai authorities plan to build around Thailand's edges by the end of next year.

In Myanmar, the Myanmar Times was briefed by Myiyuth Kawsa on the Thai government's failure to adequately inform Thai people. One Thai then convinced him not to say more, apparently out of anxiety of retaliation. The people of the near town of Wang takiean believe they will profit from the construction projects for a viaduct and a highway between Thailand and Myanmar.

Chun Khet in Phop Phra County, Atipon Tupitug, leader of the Chun Khet community, said the administration had pledged that the people living nearby would have the first option of new work. The Thais also worry that the migrants in Myanmar will work for less than Thailand's 300 Bt salary.

The SEZ allows employers to employ immigrant migrants. Thailand's government is promoting this as an advantage for the people of Myanmar. MAP Foundation Head of Offices Ko Aye, who works with Myanmar migrants, said it was difficult to estimate the probable pros and cons of the SEZ for Myanmar migrants.

You will still be near Myanmar and do not have to go to Bangkok. The village inhabitants said that since the government's announcements there has been an 800% increase in the cost of locally sourced soils. The majority of the village inhabitants do not own their own property and say that the state reimbursement is below the fair value. It is feared by domestic businesses that the present flow and practice of commerce will be disturbed and that major investments will take power.

But I don't want a SED, I want state aid for investments. Pharadon Kanda, Vice-Chairman of Tak Province Chamber of Commerce, said: "If the Chinese authorities want to set up a SED, they should contact us. If I see Myanmar businessmen, they have no deal. The officials, however, were obligated to deal with the village inhabitants who refused their attendance.

prayoung Doklamyai, a member of the Thai Human Rights Commission, criticized the rush with which the Thai authorities have been pushing the urgency of the implementation of the project since they took office. The original suggestion for a SED had been ended by the 2004 Zhinawatra regime because of the Chinese oppositions of regional citizens.

The subsequent Thai authorities had made little headway on this matter. Underlining that the system is not opposed to the present Thai regimes, he said that the plan should not be implemented by one provisional Thai administration but by the next electoral state. He said the effects on the environment on the forest and rivers and the effects on the 3 million migrants in Thailand were unpredictable.

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