Mae Sot to Mawlamyine

From Mae Sot to Mawlamyine

Mae Sot, Thailand. Get the cheapest air tickets from Mae Sot MAQ to Mawlamyine MNU. Mae Sot and take a taxi to Mawlamyine. Nok Air from Thailand has proposed to connect the port city Mawlamyine in Mon State with the Thai border town Mae Sot. Then, one flows downstream on the mighty Thanlwin River to Mawlamyine.

Myawaddy/Mae Sot to Mawlamyine

I' m leaving my motel in Mae Sot at 8:15. Mopedtaxi from the centre of town to the frontier costs me 60 Ba. When I wanted to take a normal coach, I was informed by common cab driving and their friend that there was no such thing and was encourage to take a collective cab for 12000 to 15000, which quickly led to a non-negotiable rate of 10000 (7?).

It took 5 hrs from Myawaddy to Mawlamyie in a small Nissan van and the rider never drove over 60 km/h. We took a street about 10 km southwards of Hpa-An before heading southwards to Mawlamyine. We reached the city' s coach terminal in Mawlamyine, 3 to 4 km southwards of the Sandalwoodtel.

Aurora Guest Houses, it was full, Cinderella had a room for $25 but I didn't like it because the doors and walls around it weren't really a partition, more like a spoiled window and I thought it might be up.

That sandalwood hotel still had a room remaining, but with three single berths at 40,000 yats and I took it. So, someone manage to take a normal coach from Myawaddy to Mawlamyine?

Hpa-An or Mawlamyine to Mae Sot? - About Myanmar Forum

Hpa-An or Mawlamyine to Mae Sot? Where do I go to stay last evening? Is my trip from Hpa-an to the frontier faster than from Mawlamyine? Will it be half a full year in Hpa-An, or should I stay in Mawlamyine to relax and be relatively idle before embarking on the trip ashore?

Hpa-An or Mawlamyine to Mae Sot? Situated nearer to the frontier, Hpa-an offers beautiful sights. Rent a roller or a cab to see them from one to the other. I' m choosing Mawlamyine. Get a cab to Maesot for no more than 10000MMK, not sure how much/pax.

In addition, Mawlamyine' Sharing Taxis from ~3 hours to go to the airport for 10,000MMK/Pax, all the taxis start near Mawlamyine motorway cinemas. Hpa-An or Mawlamyine to Mae Sot? The Hpa-An is better to get across the line. It' s about 3 hours by car and many busses and collective taxis run between Hpa An and Myawaddy, the frontier city.

The journey took about 10,000 km by collective taxicab and about 6,000 km by coach. Mawlamyine, or Hpa-An to Mae Sot? another voice for Hpa-an, a far more interesting place to remain and quiet. To Mae Sot, Mawlamyine or Hpa-An? spending at least a whole full days in Hpa-an.

Hpa-An or Mawlamyine to Mae Sot? I' d suggest staying in Hpa-An, it's closer to the limit and more interesting than Mawlamyine. Hpa-An or Mawlamyine to Mae Sot? If you go from Mawlamyine, you almost have to go to Hpa-An to the frontier.

It is also a much friendlier place than Mawlamyine, which is bigger and not so cozy. The best thing is to go there for 1 days and do the caving. Hpa-An or Mawlamyine to Mae Sot? Hpa-An or Mawlamyine to Mae Sot? Thank you all, I will be in Hpa-an for the rest of the evening and see if I can find room in my schedule for another one.

I visit Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan, Mandalay, then I take the Pyin Oo Lwin rail for one day, then on Hsipaw, before I fly back to Yangon for one day and then go on southbound. Hpa-An or Mawlamyine to Mae Sot?

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