Mae Sot to Hpa an

from Mae Sot to Hpa

The cheapest border crossing in Mae Sot / Myawaddy is by land from Bangkok to Myanmar. from Mae Sot to the Myanmar border. Myawaddy border to Hpa An.

What's the best way to get to Chiang Mai from Hpa-An?

Burma has opened up to the tourist trade much more slowly than other Southeast Asian nations, and many of us still wonder whether it is a secure and easy-to-travel area. City of Myawaddy is located in southeast Myanmar, in the state of Kayin. It' s about 3 hrs eastwards of Hpa-An, a city that is becoming more and more famous for its scenic, untouched landscape.

The majority of backpacker tourists who decide to go on land trips will use either Hpa-An as their first or last stop in Myanmar. Use Hpa-An as your last stop, then there is a road from Hpa-An, across the boarder and to the north town of Chiang Mai on the same time.

Hpa-An, transporting books to Myawaddy. It is usually a privately owned car due to traffic and you can rent it from any guest house in Hpa-An (we used the Soe Brothers Guesthouse). It costs 10,000 kyats per passenger and the trip lasts about 3 - 4 hrs, with Hpa-An being left early in the day (7am or 9am).

For most nationals immigrating to Thailand is very simple. Freundschaftsbr├╝cke is a 5 minute 5 minute walk connecting Myawaddy with Mae Sot. At the other side you will find ATMs and bankers to get Thai Bahe. Please be aware that you cannot modify the name of the Thai embassy in Thailand, so you must do so before crossing the Thai customs line.

You can take the collective taxis for 100 Bahts per passenger and then the minivans for 78 Bahts per group. Arrived at Tak central coach terminal, there are many busses to Chiang Mai. There is a choice of either a 230 BTB V.I.P. coach or a 180 BTB regular one.

At Tak Bus Station you can also get refreshments for your trip. From Tak to Chiang Mai it will take about 4.5h. He will take you to Chiang Mai bus station, which is about 3 km outside the center of Chiang Mai.

Taxis should not be more than 50 bahts per passenger to take you to the city center. If you leave Hpa-An Myanmar at 7am, you should arrive in Chiang Mai Thailand at about 5pm, according to time and time. When you have a low price or a preference for adventures, this is a great way to get you from Myanmar to Thailand without wasting too much time.

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