Mae Sot Guest House

Sot Mae Guest House

Very good availability and good prices for guesthouses in Mae Sot, Thailand. Maesot Guesthouse offers the best stay for your holiday and your works. Accommodation in Mae Sot The Mae Sot has a number of good, inexpensive inns and a few good places that extend into the flashpacker area. In Picturebook Guesthouse, a resourceful and social responsibility organization, you can help educate migrants while staying in some of the best rooms in Mae Sot.

The rooms are located in a two-storey modern edifice with separate front patios - ask for an upstairs room and you can take a look at the channel that goes behind the tree-lined plot........ Please have a look at our full reviewer's report from The Picturebook Guest House. Baan Rabiangmai is located somewhere between a large guest house and a small motel and offers some of the most clean, cosy and well-equipped rooms in Mae Sot - if you want all the comfort of the beast, you've come to the right place.

Situated in a peaceful area about half a kilometer east of the city center, the four-storey cement house has a large communal area on the groundfloor with high ceiling, couches,..... See our full rating of Baan Rabiangmai. The Ban Thai Guest House has a mixture of inexpensive fans' rooms and fluffy flash packers in several freestanding wooden and shiny cement houses distributed over a large landscaped plot.

We tried out the first climate room in a newly ground Betonvilla design and far exceeded our expectation of the prize. Looks more like a suites in a luxurious boutiquehotel than a..... See our full rating of Ban Thai Guest House. Situated one kilometer eastwards of the city centre in a peaceful side road, T House offers neat, well-equipped rooms that are stable for a few evenings and are also suitable for a longer sojourn.

Surrounded by a covered patio for relaxation, literacy or work, the specially constructed three-storey cement structure is located at the rear end of a relaxed cul-de-sac. See our full rating of T House. Surrounded by a full board coffeeshop in an old timber house, Tante's B&B (or Guesthouse) is a great choice if you are looking for private accommodation.

The four guest rooms are situated on the top of a second house overlooking a covered communal area with large fishing pools and pots near the cooking area..... See our full Aunt' s B&B rating. Ageing DK Hotel is often ignored in favor of the newer guest houses, but it still provides proper rooms in a large dark green house in the center of Mae Sot.

See our full DK Hotel rating. Located at the end of its own side road, Phannu House is a good option for backpacker tourists who are willing to spend a little more on additional comfort. For long-term and short-term visitors, rooms are available in an older two-storey construction of mortar and bricks, timber and mortar.

See our full rating of Phannu House. This long-lived Bai Fern Guest House was a bit more run-down than our last trip, but still a sensible choice for backpacker solos looking for the lowest priced bed in the city. Directly behind the Bai Fern Restaurant in the center of the city is the guest house with a picnic area, a small covered communal area with a picnic area.

Have a look at our full rating of Bai Fern Guesthouse. Please have a look at past editions.

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