Mae Sot City

Sot Mae town

Sot Mae is a city in the west of Thailand, bordering Myanmar in the west. City taxi service. In context, this is the street we stayed on in Mae Sot. The Mae Sot City Hills Hotel & Resort:

Sot Mae: a city of contrast

Sot Mae is a city in the west of Thailand on the Thai-Myanmar frontier. We' ve recently been visiting our three year old lifelong buddies - it was a pleasure to see them and to see a little of their city. The' Friendship Bridge' constitutes the offical frontier between Thailand and Myanmar, across the Moeii.

Trucks and automobiles stand in line to make an official crossing of the river crossing. Later we see some police officers buying on the illicit smuggling shop under the viaduct. Looking for AC after the boiling hot weather we go to Robinson Mall. Next day we examine the Myanmar markets.

Passing around the cage with living creatures, helpless fluttering trays of seafood and flesh that has been eaten since 4am in 35°C hot weather. We' re sharing dinner with our boyfriends, talking and laughing. Large celebrations pass us by, lucky faces stop to see the sweet blond kid of our joy. The choice of foods and beverages is infinite, we only point this out.

He' telling us he' s proud of his city; he's been living here all his time.

Tours to Mae Sot

TAG 1 - Cross-country from Mae Sot to Umphang (Meals: D, L) 08:00 Meeting with your tour leader and transportation from your accomodation in Mae Sot. Then we take the curvy hill-top route into the Umphang-Tal; a 165 km long scenically attractive ride through the towns of Karen and Hmong. Arrival in the Umphang River for dinner before we take a stable Bamboos River to swim down the picturesque Mae Klong River.

A few hrs past the riverside we stop at a riverside campsite where we stay overnight in camps. SECOND D DAY - Jungle trekking and falls (Meals: B, L, D) Start the days with wet wading on the Mae Klong Riviera, past a naturally occurring warm source and the Ti Lojor Spraying Falls, an astonishing cascade that falls from a 100 metre high rock onto the Mae Khlong Riviera.

Breath-taking landscapes are explored on this tranquil and unforgettable downriver run. Leave the boats and proceed the adventures with a 3-hour hike (mostly uphill) to the Thi Lo Su Forest Falls where we will stay the nights at the park's camping site under canvas.

DREY THREE - Spectacular Thi Lo Su Falls and accommodation in the Karen Town ('B, L, D' meals) Today is the date when you will see Thailand's biggest and most spectacular water fall - Thi Lo Su! When you have experienced one of Asia's most spectacular falls, stop for dinner before a 3-hour walk through the woods to a Karen town.

This evening you will stay in a simple (but cosy) bamboos cabin, where you can get a foretaste of the Karen town. DAY FOUR - Last hike through the jungles and back to Mae Sot (Meals: B, L) Enjoy the freshly cooked breakfasts by your guide and enjoy the early bird's eye view in a Karen town.

Then, start the last trek of this tour; about 3 hrs uphill and over a mound to cross the Mokido creek. We have a car for you to take you back to Umphang (about 30 minutes), where you will have your dinner in a mountain inn before starting the long journey back to Mae Sot.

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