Mae Sot Border Crossing

Border crossing Mae Sot

Crossing overland border crossings are nowadays very popular among the entry possibilities to Myanmar. Like mentioned above, a shared taxi is just a way to the border. Myawaddy Maesot Border Crossing Guide Crossing overland border crossing points are nowadays very common among the entry points to Myanmar. There are 4 border gateways from Thailand to Myanmar and Mae Sot - Myawaddy is the simplest and most common border. Remarks on the border : Hours of operation: On the Thai side, the border services will start in January 2015 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

You will not be required to obtain an eVisa for crossing the border in 2015, please contact the Myanmar Embassy for a border crossing permit. You will be asked by the immigrant official where you are going in Myanmar and how many nights you will stay there. Then you will be exterminated from Thailand. Cross the border: At the border to Myanmar:

Same question is asked: How many nights, where do you want to go in Myanmar? Getting to Myanmar: An and Maw llamyine, from where you can continue to Yangon and other touristic sites. Other: - Please take into account the differences in your arrival times when returning to Thailand from this border.

After arriving in Myawaddy 30 min before the shops closed, we had to walk the 1 km long friendly footbridge to Thailand. - There are no more tuk-tuks or song-taews in the evening until the border closes. - Make 5 copies of your visa (and passport) before crossing the border. Several Myawaddy check points continue into Myanmar and usually ask for passes.

Cross the Myawaddy/Mae Sot border here now. Hitcher's.

When in fact a 3-burman, 2-seater back-seat vehicle appeared for us, we reserved a coach with our guest house (Soe Brothers 2) to the Myawaddy border for 10,000 kyats per se. Nonetheless, we stepped in and took the 3-hour trip with a woman who had to throw up all the way.

At the border we leapt out and went into the next line as typical Englishmen, before the natives gesticulated towards this personal space for newcomers. Then we switched some remains from Kyat to Thai Baaht, where the folks were sitting at the side of the street at woodwork.

Overall, the procedure was simple and took about 15 min, as foreign nationals are treated seperately and usually have noeue. He made a short stop in a small town and then left us standing on the side of the street of the coach terminal of Mae Sot, which only took about 15 mins. Busses to Bangkok leave early in the mornings, so we either miss them or there is one around 7 pm, but now that it was around noon, we didn't want to wa.

Luckily, the information counter at the coach terminal recommended us to take a minibus to Nakhon Sawan at 1 pm and we would pay 160 TB each, which arrived at 6 pm. There is a store and a place to dine at the coach stop, but don't be worried, as we made a stop on several 7 hills on the way and succeeded in getting a faithful cheesy sandwich pie (which we really miss during our stay in Myanmar).

When we got off the minibus in Nakhon Sawan, we were contacted by tugs who sold coach fares to Bangkok. Bangkok is the main city and a favourite traffic junction, so it is not difficult to find one. 30 am for another 4 hours ride to Bangkok, where you will be dropped off either at the Mo Chit BTS or Chatuchak MRT stations.

The Khao Yao National Park was to be our ultimate goal, but we quickly realized that there were no traffic connections there (apart from Bangkok) and that it was not possible to do this in one single afternoon, so we stayed overnight in Bangkok.

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