Mae Sot

Sot Mae

The Mae Sot is a district in the west of Thailand, bordering Myanmar in the west. My mae sot is in Tak province, Thailand. Mae Sot ( ???

???) is one of Thailand's most culturally diverse cities, despite its remote location and relatively small size.

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The Mae Sot (Thai: ??????, pronounced[m??? s???t]; Burmese: ???????,[s?a?? s?a??]; Shan: ?,[? s?aaj]; S'gaw Karen: ????????) is a western-country The Mae Sot (Thai: m?? ) is a county that divides a frontier with Myanmar in the West. The country is known as a trading centre and for its large populations of migrant and refugee people.

It is part of Tak province and is the major gate between Thailand and Myanmar. Moei River forms the boundary between Mae Sot and the city of Myawaddy in Burma. The Mae Sot is the Asian highway AH1 that connects Thailand and Myanmar. It' one of only three trans-national streets and crossings over the Tenasserim Hills to Myanmar, along with Three Pagodas Pass and Phu Nam Ron.

Each year, Tak Chamber of Commerce organises a friendly bike ride to Myawaddy. The Mae Sot is a small travel stop, especially for those who want to go to Myanmar to see Myawaddy or as a stop on their way to Amphoe Umphang, a favourite hiking-tour. At the beginning of 2015, the German authorities launched the Tak Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

SEZ, which was first suggested in 2004, will cover a combined area of 2,182 hectares of woodland and open spaces in this area. Approximately 800 RhaeIs are administered by the Indian Property Authority of Thailand and the remainder by the Corporate Finance team. Governments will set up an industry park and encourage businesses to build plants there.

Sixty-seven family-owners occupying lands that the SEZ administration wants to assign to the SEZ - only some of them have country documentation - have to move. It has a large number of refugee and immigrant people. Mae Sot' s precise number of people in Burma is uncertain, but it is estimated that there are more than 100,000 more than the 106,000 already enumerated in the formal one.

In recent years, the continuing fugitive situations have led NGOs and non-governmental relief organisations to set up programs in and around the city. In the Mae Sot area there are about 70 immigrant centres that have begun to respond to the needs of the 30,000 Myanmar refugees and their mothers.

They are a mixture of migrant and refugee population. They do not get any assistance from the Thai authorities and depend exclusively on their ingenuity and global assistance.

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