Mae Sai Visa run 2016

Sai Mae Visa Run 2016

Mae Sai to Tachileik, Burma border crossing: TACHILEIK BORDER CROSSING. Superior said I was doing a visa run and it was unacceptable. (26 April 2016) Interesting to read your borderline experience. The border police said there will be no visas through the northern border crossing from Mae Sai, Thailand to Myanmar.


FOR ALL ILLEGIBLE TRAVELERS A FURTHER 30 NIGHTS ON RE-ENTRY. You can continue this journey after renewing your present visa at Chiang Mai Immigration. Mae Sai starts early in the mornings between 6.30 and 7.30. The minibus will meet you at a place near your accommodation or guest house or if possible directly from your house or accommodation in Chiang Mai.

We' re doing our best to do justice to everyone, but we usually try to rearrange our customers to make the pickup easier and faster. Journey to and from the frontier lasts on board for 4 hrs on each route. On the way, your drivers take a rest so that all customers can use restrooms and buy snacks.

In Mae Sai on the Thai side of the Thai frontier, all travellers will be drop off and your guide will give you a date and place to return when you have finished your "border run" for the return journey to Chiang Mai. A minibus waits at the frontier for the return of the passenger for about 60 - 90 mins.

It is recommended that travellers prioritise the visa procedure and do not waste too much business hours at the frontier to avoid delaying their trip back to Chiang Mai. Don't forgetting your pass and exit cards, which are normally included in your pass when you arrive in Thailand!

Invoice a minimum of 500 Bahts or a $10 US dollar, which is the per capita charge you will have to make when you travel to Burma's immigration police. We are able to bring up to 9 people to the frontier checkpoint Mae Sai - Tachilek. It is an expedited tour and gives you one hours time to get across the viaduct to Myanmar and back to Thailand while our rider is there.

Keep an eye on the timetable and do not let other travellers waiting for you. There is no guarantee as to the result of your visa for Mae Sai. While we can advise you on your visa requirements in Thailand, we only arrange transport from Chiang Mai to Mae Sai.

You are responsible for ensuring that your Thai immigrant status complies with Thai law. They will not be on the beach in Burma if they are rejected at the Burmese frontier because Thai immigrant officials on call will just not let you go out of the state.

Then you must return to Chiang Mai to find an alternate way to prolong your trip to Thailand.

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