Mae Sai Immigration Office

The Mae Sai Immigration Department

Ciang Rai/Mae Sai immigration office locations. Somebody tell me if Mae Sai Immigration is open on a Sunday? Mae Sai border crossing. You leave Immigration and you're in the Burmese city of Tachileik.

Headquarter Chiang Rai/Mae Sai Immigration Office Sites

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My name is Mae Sai: The Tachilek Border Crossing

They can remain up to 14 nights, but can only be visited on site (see below). You have 2 possibilities to finish the checkpoint. It is the one you should use if you do not want to influence your actual pass or your actual visas, e.g. you have the right to remain in Thailand for more than 15 nights and want to keep it that way.

Please ask the Thai immigration official at the Thai frontier for a V.I.P. card. Passports are 100 Thai Baht. You' ll be taken to a retailer and asked to copy a specific page of your ID card. On your arrival, the Thai immigration official will give you a V ipass and keep your one.

No changes will be made to your identity card.

Passports do not indicate that you have ever travelled from Thailand, and if you have 80 additional working hours to remain in Thailand, you have 80 more working time. Alternatively, you can use your pass as described below, and you will only be allowed to spend 15 nights in Thailand (including the date of your trip to Tachilek).

Eduit - 18 May 2014 - A card is no longer necessary and you do not have to hand in your card at the check-point. When you go to the shops or go on sight-seeing for a whole night, you only have to buy 500 Baht and you will get a visa stamps in your card which is issued for one full year.

At the same moment the officers made me go out of Burma, so it was easy to get out at the end of the game. 3rd, go to Burma Immigration on the viaduct, buy the 500 Baltar, keep your ID card with you, get a picture, get a provisional ID card and drive to Tachilek.

Upon your returning home, hand in your provisional ID card, pick up your ID card and go to the Thai immigration office. Pick up an immigration application from your officers at the front door, fill in the application forms (don't worry about bringing a pin and eyeglasses if you need them!) and go to the Thai immigration desk where they will cancel your visas if everything is in order.

When you have never been mental ready for more vendor pressures than you are used to in Thailand. You should consider your visa state when returning before leaving for the mandatory daily ferry from Mae Sai Thailand to Tachilek Myanmar (Burma). For those nationals who are eligible for tourist visa exemption, arrival (return) to Thailand by road is limited to 15 days.

When you plan to stay longer than 15 nights in Thailand (from your Tacheilek daily trip), you should use the above VIP pass option. If this limit is open, a Tachilek travel can be an easiest and comfortable way to get a 15-day visa waiver for Thailand after your arrival (note that from January 1, 2013 you can only do this 4x in a row if you need more than 4, do one to Laos in Chiang Khong and the switch restarts again).

You will instead receive a 14-day US $10 visas for trips severely restricted to the Tachilek - Kengtung area (also called Kyaingtong) and is NOT applicable for trips to other parts of Myanmar. The Myanmar Immigration Department will keep your pass for the length of your visit to the U.S. and will issue you with an immigration card instead.

After returning to Mae Sai - Thailand you will get your visa back at the frontier crossings. Foreign nationals must first go to the Thai immigration office at the immigration point to get their departure stamps. Then you go to the Burmese immigration officer US$10 (make sure you have the right fee).

Here you hand in your residency permit in exchange for a hard copy of your voucher. DON'T LEAVE THIS RECIPE if you want your ID card back. Now you can stay up to 14 nights in the Tachilek - Kengtung area. Most of the guests make a brief (2-3 hours) trip through Tachilek and then go back to Mae Sai - Thailand on the same date.

It' a small frontier city and there are many motodop/tuk tuk's to rent (you will find them as soon as you come from the Thai side. Situated high up on a hillside, the Shwedagon Pagoda, not far from the frontier checkpoint, offers a magnificent view of the surroundings and back towards Doi Tung.

The Hilltribe Tourist Village (Akha and Karen Longneck) is about 1 km from the frontier. The Tachilek market is similar to the Thailand market on the other side of the frontier, except that it also contains goods that cannot be returned to Thailand or your home state.

Abeware - Thailand custom checks at random objects that are returned across the frontier and searches for unsavoury and illicit objects. Casino The Regina Hotel Casino is a 100 THB drive from the boarder. TIP: If you change 2000THB or more into game crisps, a free basic Tai luncheon will be offered.

Naturally, all idle crisps can readily be reconverted to Thai Baht. We also offer free mini-bus transfer back to the frontier. If you want to go back to the Thai side, make sure you keep an watch on the time.

The return journey to Thailand is a straightforward and pain-free procedure. Swap your "passport" voucher for your Myanmar side and go to the Thai side of your identity-code. There, you fill out your immigration ticket and will be returned to Thailand free of cost for 15 nights or trade your personal V.I.P. for your unaltered valid identity document.

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