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Coffee roasting Madison

Newest tweets from JBC Coffee Roasters (@jbcroasters). Made ethically + carefully roasted + carefully brewed. There'll be coffee near Madison. High-quality coffee and a comfortable place to relax before or after the trip. A bag - coffee subscription.

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Closed at the end of August: Coffee Roasters Café.

Fitchburg-based Tru Coffee Roasters on Thursday said it will shut down its café site at the end of the year. A Facebook mail reports that the huge amount of traffic in the area and rising rents have led to the closure of the café, which opened in 2010. "When you come to our café on a regular basis - or even on occasion - you will have seen the original drums, blocked streets and detours," the postal service said.

"We have been forced into the very hard choice of shutting down our café at the end of the last few summers by the huge highway development that will reduce the volume of air travel for a long period of the year, coupled with an increase in rents. Coffee roasters themselves won't stop. Swiss post said that the roasters are" living and well".

Tru Coffee Roasters will still be selling its coffee to places inside and outside of Wisconsin. It will also be continuing to offer on-line orders on its website. Facebook Mail said Tru Coffee is available at Metcalfe's Market, Hy-Vee, Mille & Sons Supermarket, Sjölinds Chocolate, Black Locust Cafe, Cool Beans Coffee Cafe, Beans'n Cream Coffeehouse and Lakeside St. Coffee House.

Swiss Post said that the enterprise is looking forward to a new site in the near term. As we know we have you to thank for our achievement, and we all at True Coffee Roasters very much look forward to having another opportunity to service you soon," the Swiss postal service said.

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