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The Congressional party in the state on Tuesday popped the Pinarayi Vijayan-led federal administration for retiring a case filed against six left-wing lawmakers in 2015 for giving in to acts of outrage in the convention. Congress President M.M. Hassan was shocked by the government's withdrawal of cases that "had disgraced the state" because six lawmakers in the March 2015 meeting had become angry and corrupted assets valued at 2-lyakh.

Taylor: Assembly spokesman Fr. Sreeramakrishnan on Tuesday came under severe fire from the Congressional-led Opposition for the way in which he managed the meeting of the evening. High Court Tuesday instructed the state government and the CBI to submit their reply to a petition seeking probing by the federal agency Into the slaying of a juvenile congress official in Kannur County.

As Shuhaib' parents' request, who was the Mattannur Juvenile Congress bloc clerk, came up, Justice B Kemal Pasha instructed the state and CBI to submit their answers by March 6. Jordanian authorities have rejected a case on Monday to the child minded Peace International headmaster M. M. Akbar, detained in the context of a case of alleged spread of hostility among Jewish people.

An Akbar was arrested at Hyderabad Airports Sunday for forward trip abroad when he was arriving at the Hyderabad Airfield and transferred to the Kerala Detachment Department, the sources said, Adding, "There was a peep message released against him. M. M. Akbar, an Muslim academic and executive of Peace International School, was imprisoned in Hyderabad on Sunday and imprisoned by the Kerala Polissa.

Thursday, Thiruvananthapuram: Whistleblower Biju Ramesh, whose claim of corrupt practices resulted in Congress-led Biju Ramesh's re-election of the 2014'Bar Fraud' urged the CPI-M government to defraud and fail to honour its veto. Ramesh, who had nine staffs when the fraud was dug up, said CPI-M Secretary of State Kodiyeri Balakrishnan had pledged that "when the lefties come to power, they will reopen the locked staffs".

Twenty-nine year-old youth congress leaders were reportedly chopped to the death by CPI-M operatives at Mattanur in Kannur Ward, said police Tuesday. It happened later last evening, when four attackers came in a vehicle and threw raw explosives, attacking S PM Shuhaib and two other members of the political parties with machets, they said.

Shuhaiib, the Mattanur Bloc Youth Congress clerk, was with Riaz and Naushad in a teashop on the side of the road in Therur when the assault took place. Pinarayi Vijayan asked his office on Monday to make sure that all five working day of the month are present.

After Vijayan was confronted with heavy anti-aircraft gun because he could not continue the cabinets session on Friday because the required cabinets were not reached. The UDF opposition strongly raised the question of allegations of deception by the CPI-M' secretary of state Kodiyeri Balakrishnan's kid in Dubai, Thiruvananthapuram: Thursday's assembly was witness to riots.

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