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Vegas Las Vegas shootin' videotape shows Officer Cordell Hendrex hesitant at Mandalay Bay Hotel during the assault

The LAS VEGAS -- A veterans policeman said he was freezing in a Las Vegas hotel corridor while an armed man was firing on an open-air audience gathering in the most deadly weapons fire in the nation's contemporary story. Cordell Hendrex's action leads to a check whether life could have been rescued if officials had moved more quickly to end the fire.

Three police action specialists said they understood Hendrex hesitant as he guided a Apprentice and three Mandalay Bay hotel security forces toward the tone of the fast gun fire October 1. "We' re teaching commanders to react directly to actively kill. "Carla Alston, spokesperson for Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, last weekend released a declaration stating that every officer's action during the carnage was assessed by the division.

The Hendrex statement in a paper filed on October 7th and published on May 23rd by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Policy Department under a law. Las Vegas Review Journal published a Hendrex videotape that led the group during the filming. It was part of the 8th publication by the authorities of heartbreaking images and noises of the carnage and its consequences.

Hendrex, an almost 10-year-old senior division vet and outdoor trainer, is seen for the first time as he teaches newcomer Elif Varsin how to create a Mandalay Bay hotel safety bureau ticket for two mothers. In the midst of radiograms of shooting and" several injured", Hendrex, Varsin and three Mandalay Bay safety officials run to an elevators and talk about a gunman on the third quarter of the year.

You get off on the 31 st floor. Hendrex Varsin and the safety forces, each with towed small arms, lead out of the lift and through a corridor on the 31 st floor. That''rapid fire'', says Hendrex. "I' m in Mandalay Bay, 31 story, we can listen to it above us," says Hendrex on his cop scot.

" Varsin's film shows the group in the corridor of the 31 storey for about five and Hendrex takes them half way to the 32storey. Bureaucracies have said the armed man, Stephen Paddock, shot down weirs for about 10 mins from the third-storey window into the Route 91 Harvest Festival open-air show on Las Vegas Boulevard before he killed himself.

"As Hendrex writes later, "I recall I thought I had myself, my second training and three safety manager days. "and we were all equipped with handguns. "The shootings ended and all I could think about was stopping the gunman or the gunmen from escaping," he said.

It' not clear if Hendrex has arrived at the staircase doors on the thirty-twothunder storey near the locked gun room. A hotel safety officer was shot through the corridor entrance on the thirty-twoth ird storey, where he found the obstacle.

The May 2 body-camera footage shows crews of senior officials gently move from various places and check the rooms on levels 29, 30 and 31 before blowing through the paddock suites dock. This was about 80 mins after paddock began firing and more than an hours after the shoot. Cops found paddock gone, window shattered and 23 guns scattered.

Forteen of the guns were equipped with "bump stick" fixtures, which allow fast firing similar to those of automated-arms. During the post-fire period, the Las Vegas and FBI cops asked why the cops didn't come to Paddock earlier. On that occasion, Lombardo said he was "absolutely offended" by proposals that the cops had botched the reaction.

Lombardo, now re-elected chief of policing, ordered the officials and staff not to give their opinion on what he describes as an inquisition. The Associated Press did not receive e-mail communications from Hendrex and Varsin, and Steve Grammas, chief of the policemen's trade unions, refused to take a position. New York policeman Eugene O'Donnell, who is a teacher at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, demanded "an frank discussion about the need for the policing to turn into force commands at the expense of peacekeeping forces.

"Policemen are civilian with weapons. "Thor Eells, the National Tactical Officer Association's Chief of Staff, watched the body-camera footage at AP's behest.

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