Macleod Island Hotel

The Macleod Island Hotel

Myanmar's 804 islands, known as the Mergui Archipelago. Myanmar's 804 Isles, they are known as the Mergui Arkipel. Macleod Island is the centre of these 804 islets. Macleod is situated in the centre of the island. Macleod Island only has the beautiful seaside resorts for tourists to visit these islets.

Myanmar's unexplored archipelago is surrounded by unspoilt natural beauty. Up to now JC TOUR had put together the tour package to explore the archipelago. Unspoilt natural beauty of the island is the perfect place for those who love the outdoors.

Anyone who loves this invisible island is recommended to view the entire programme and the highlights before submitting the book. Whether in the sea or underwater, the natural environment of this secret island is always amazing. The tourists who have been to this island are always mad about it.

Once you have the Adventure Spirit, you can go canoeing for free (all the time) to find the most attractive spot or more interesting for snorkelling on Macleod Island or the other satellite islands. The underwater coral reef looks like a liveaboard game drive; the liveaboard or coralfields.

you can sail around the island of Macleod and the family island. Fish, all types of lake fish, all types of marine life, various color corals, fans and field of marineplan. Surely you will never miss out on the chance if you enjoy the true underwater life.

As Macleod Island is the centre or centre of the Mergui Archipelago, you can enjoy as many sea pursuits as kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, mountaineering to enjoy the beautiful views of the cove or unrestricted relaxation at the seaside bars or the white sands.

You can use the MoKen Gyp lake around Macleod Island, surrounded by the 804 islands of the archipelago, to practice the traditional fishery there. You can also go to Moken Village near Iceland. Off the mainland on the distant island in the Andamanensee we can say that this is the incredibly convenient place to stay.

Beautiful and clean room, sea views room with A/C and 24 hour electricity. This is what we can do to make you so much enjoy this particular vacation in a mystical place in the inland. When you are willing to do something different and particular for this year's vacation, just check out the whole programme or call for more information 66-89 5727603 (24 hour daily) call now.

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