Ma ubin

The Ma-ubin or Maubin is a town in the Ayeyarwady Division in southwestern Burma. Ma-ubin municipality is located in the Ma-ubin district. Map of Ma-ubin Looking for the map of Ma-ubin? The Maubin is located in Myanmar (Ma-ubin District, Ayeyarwady) and the time zone Asia/Rangoon. M a-ubin, city, southern Myanmar (Burma).

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Buddhism is the major religious denomination and there are many couples in the community of Maubin: The Sane Mya Kanthar Ceti is situated on Sane Mya Kanthar Street just outside the city. The Shwe Phone Myint Ceti is situated in Pagodenstra├če on the second floor. Ceti was founded in 1890.

The Dhamma Manorama - which means "Beautiful surroundings of Dhamma" - is a half kilometre away on the Maubin University highroad. Ma-ubin. Accessed August 20, 2009. a ^ a bo d e f l "District of Maubin". Archiveed from the orginal on December 26, 2009. Accessed August 21, 2009.

Accessed August 21, 2009. Maubin district. University of Maubin. Archiveed from the orginal on November 17, 2010. Accessed August 21, 2009. Maubin University provides the locals with one-of-a-kind possibilities for further training. Archives from the orginal on 22 March 2005. Accessed August 21, 2009.

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