Luxury Hotels in Yangon Myanmar

Yangon Myanmar Luxury Hotels

The ultimate list of the best hostels in Myanmar. Deluxe hotels, moderate hotels and economy hotels are available for your accommodation in Yangon. Yangon Myanmar Beach Hotel | Luxury Accommodation Built in 1901 in a Victorian fashion, this five-star resort is near Yangon's Beachfront and is one of the few large Southeast Asian boutique properties. Created during the UK Colonies by the Sarkies brother, who created a number of great properties such as Raffles Singapore and the Eastern & Eastern orientental Penang Beach Spa Hospitality, you' ll be able to experience the extraordinary services, the spacious rooms and the ageless charm of the Strand Spa Resort.

Accommodation in definite style and stay in a natural symbol during your journey through Myanmar. There is a beach bar for a Friday cocktail party, so enjoy the typical cocktail. This is a great way for expatriates and travelers to get to know the real Yangon people.

For those who want to take a Myanmar trip - a great way to see the places of interest - take a look at Strand Cross. Strand Hotel is only 20 minutes walking distance from the area' s major tourist sites, such as Chinatown, Sule Pagode and Aung Sang Merc. There are two great places to eat on the beach, offering delicious food from the area, as well as from Asia and the Mediterranean.

Our barbecue is a great place to enjoy the atmosphere and music. We also like the classic guitarist. Then end your night with a or two martinis at the wonderfully renovated beach bar. Around the guesthouse there is a treasury of nineteenth c. architectural treasures as well as famous Buddhist places like the Shwedagon and Suleagodas.

This beach provides lively culture excursions around Yangon and also a historic hotelier trip if you want to know more about the region's past.

Yangon G Yangon Design Boutique Yangon Myanmar Hôtel

Located in the center of Yangon, 2 km from the famed Shwedagon Pagoda. The pulsating motel has a sunny patio with a view of the town. Every room in this motel is air-conditioned and fitted with a smartv, free WiFi and a Bluetooth radio with alarms.

The G Yangon has a fully equiped gym and a large community area where visitors can meet and exchange ideas. The Bogyoke Aung San Market is 10 minutes walking distance from the G Yangon and Sule Pagode 800 meters and Yangon Central Railway Station 200 meters away.

The international airport of Yangon is 30 minutes away by car.

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