Luxury Hotels in Mandalay Burma

Deluxe hotels in Mandalay Burma

Situated in Inle Lake, this luxurious Sanctum Inle Resort is the perfect place to relax and unwind. The hotel on the Red Canal offers tropical green and tranquil water features in this bustling city and is just minutes away from places like the famous Mandalay Palace. A very cosy, inexpensive, family-run guesthouse in an ideal location. A selection of luxury and boutique hotels in the most popular Mandalay destinations are listed below. We will visit Mandalay and Bagan, temples, pagodas and palaces along the way.

Accommodation Mandalay | Luxury Hotels in Burma (Myanmar)

You will find below a choice of hand-picked hotels in Mandalay. Have a look at our favorites for more inspirational luxury holidays in Burma. Situated on the Red Canal, this is a private resort that offers the ideal place for a relaxing stay, combining luxurious accommodations with colorful elements and picturesque surroundings.

Located in the heart of the town of Mandalay, Mandalay Hill Resort is a wonderful resort that blends Myanmar's historic styles and cultures with a variety of both domestic and world cuisine. It' centrally located makes it ideal for discovering this town.

Hotel on the Red Canal, Mandalay | Luxury Holidays in Burma

Founded in 1996, the Red Canal is a small fashion house near many of Mandalay's major tourist sites. Well-known for its beautiful finishes in tea wood and natural material such as wicker and mother-of-pearl and Nepalese crafts. This really reminds you that you are not in a standardized hotels but have the feeling of experiencing a culture in the city.

Ashwin Kumar, who owns and manages the property, runs a wonderful crew of employees who supplement the property and offer thoughtful services to those who walk through the door. Cordial welcome of the personnel and luxury conveniences ensure an unforgettable sojourn. With only 24 rooms and suite in the guesthouse, we suggest you spend the night in one of the rooms at the front of the guesthouse, as they have more daylight and a wonderful view of a small creek that winds around thegues.

There are several well kept backyards, a small swimmingpool and gym. Situated on the Red Canal, the prestigious Spice Garden Restuarant is known for the best Northern India food in Mandalay. On the Red Channel, the Red Channel has 25 bespoke suite accommodation, divided into four groups of accommodation designated by Myanmar's four main ethnical groups - Chin, Kachin, Rakhine and Shan.

Each of the rooms has its own TV, A/C, TV, bed and breakfast, en-suite and teas and coffees. Equipped with Chin handicraft utensils, overlooking the water fall, vapor or indoor use. These are 24 sqm and are situated on the groundfloor. Equipped with old-fashioned Kachin artifacts, this room has a garden cascade and an outside wash.

They are 24 sqm and are situated on the groundfloor. Equipped with folk artifacts and a brassbed. They are 30 sqm large and are either on the first or second level. Equipped with tradional decorations with a view of the gardens, the brook or the bath. They are 24 square meters and are either on the first or second level.

Spice Garden is known in Mandalay for its exquisite local Cuisines. This stylish gourmet restuarant offers a wide range of chicken, shellfish and vegetable meals from India, as well as some favorites from around the world that you might miss at home. You can dine on two floors in the Teakwood Growing Resort and either indoors in the cool of the A/C or outdoors in the warm.

You would like to know how to prepare some of these meals yourself? The general director will be happy to organise a course with one of the local cooks. It is a beautiful shrine and very welcoming at the end of a strenuous Mandalay tour. Allow yourself an Ayurveda, integral or completely physical therapy to relaxation, awakening and revitalisation of your indifferent sense or allow yourself a relaxing masseur.

There' s a lot to see in Mandalay and most visitor listings include Mandalay Hill, Mandalay Palace, Shwenandaw Monastery, Maha Myat Muni Pagoda, Atumashi Kyaung, Kuthadow Pagoda and Zegyo Market. Of course you can also interrupt these trips with a stop at the swimming pools and in the garden of the city.

Our team will be happy to help you organize your stay according to your wishes. Situated near the center of Mandalay with many nearby amenities. Burma's best period for a trip is the drought from November to April.

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