It is a city in Upper (southern) Egypt and the capital of Luxor Governorate. Famous for its iconic pyramid shape, Luxor is located on the Las Vegas Strip and offers casino and live entertainment. Luxor Las Vegas is the pyramid-shaped hotel with iconic light that can be seen from space.

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Luxor was often described as the location of the old Egyptian town of Thebes [4] as "the largest open-air museums in the world", as the remains of the temples of Karnak and Luxor are located in the town. Each year, tens of thousand of tourists from all over the globe come to see these memorials, which makes a major contribution to the economic development of the town.

The old town of Thebes, the great capitol of (Upper) Egypt during the New Kingdom, and the splendid town of Amun, which later became the God Amun-Ra. It was considered in the old Egypt writings as ??p?t (approximately translated as "Waset"), which means "city of the sceptre", and also as t? ??p?t (conventionally translated as "ta ipet" and mean "the sanctuary"), and then, in a later time, the Greeks named it Thebai and the Romans after them Thebae.

Theben was also known as "the town of 100 gates", sometimes also as "southern Heliopolis" ("Iunu-shemaa" in ancient Egypt) to differentiate it from the town of Iunu or Heliopolis, the principal place of worship of Ra in the north. Also often described as niv. t, which means just "city", it was one of only three Egyptian towns for which this substantive was used (the other two were Memphis and Heliopolis); it was also niv. t rst, as the most south town.

Its importance began in the eleventh dynasty, when the capital became a flourishing one. Montuhotep II, who unified Egypt after the riots of the first interim periods, provided the country with peace as the country gained strength. Pharaohs of the New Kingdom have accumulated great riches during their Kush explorations in present-day North Sudan and in the countries of Canaan, Phoenicia and Syria and have even become known worldwide.

Thebes was a key player in the expulsion of the Hyksos invasion troops from Upper Egypt, and from the eighteenth to the twentieth dynasty, the town became the premier of Ancient Egypt in terms of politics, religion and war. It drew nations like the Babylonians, the Mitanni, the Hittites of Anatolia (now Turkey), the Canaanites of Ugarit, the Phoenicians of Byblos and Tyre, the Minoans of Crete.

However, the town' s importance in politics and technology declined in later times, with Thebes being superseded as the country's main town by several northern Egyptian towns such as Bubastis, Sais and Alexandria. As the town of the Amun-Ra gods, Thebes stayed the holy town of Egypt until then.

The town' s chief deity was Amun, who was worshiped together with his woman, the goddess Mut, and her sons Khonsu, the deity of the lunar. When Thebes became Egypt's leading town, the importance of the locals' deity Amon also increased and it was connected to the solar deity Ra, thus forming the new "king of the gods" Amon-Ra.

Its large Karnak sanctuary just off Thebes was Egypt's most important until the end of time. The Luxor has a warm deserts climat (Köppen climatic rating BWh) like the remainder of Egypt. Assuan and Luxor have the warmest summers of all other cities in Egypt.

Assuan and Luxor have almost the same atmosphere. It is one of the most sunny and dry towns in the whole wide area. Luxor's weather has lower rainfalls than most other places in the Sahara, with less than 1 mm (0.04 in) in the year. It is one of the dryest towns in the whole wide globe, and it doesn't rain every year.

Luxor is wetter than Aswan, but still very arid. Luxor's year round weather is very clear, light and shiny, in all season, with a low degree of seasonality, with approximately 4,000 solar energy lessons per year, very near the peak theoretic solar radiation time. Furthermore, Luxor, Minya, Sohag, Qena and Asyut have the largest temperature differences between day and night in Egypt, with almost 16°C (29°F) between them.

On November 26, 1895, the Coppico-Catholic (Alexandrian) minorities founded an eparchy (Eastern Catholic diocese) of Luqsor (Luxor) alias Thebes, in an area separated from the Apostolic Vicariat of Egypt. His bishopric is a St. George church in Luxor. Luxor's business, like that of many other towns in Egypt, is highly reliant on it.

In 1997, the indigenous economies were affected by the Luxor carnage, which claimed the lives of 64 persons (59 of them tourists), then the most serious of all the acts of terrorism in Egypt (before the Sharm el-Sheikh acts of terrorism). 12 ] After the Arabian Frühling 2011, the number of visitors to Egypt declined significantly, which in turn had an impact on the country's travel-market.

There are flights to Luxor from Luxor International Airport. In 1998, a river upriver from the capital Luxor was opened, providing easy accessibility from the eastern shore to the western shore. The" national" ferry" is still leaving from a landings opposite the temple of Luxor.

Luxor on the eastern shore has several buses that are mainly used by people. Often visitors depend on horse-drawn coaches, so-called "calèches", for transportation or touring through the town. Recently, new streets were constructed in the town to handle the increase in road use. You can take a breakfast and a bedroom procession from the Luxor Temple about 400m.

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