Lumbini Garden Myanmar

The Lumbini Garden Myanmar

The Lumbini Garden with Mount Zwekabin as a scenic backdrop lies further down. The Lumbini Garden and its hundreds of Buddha statues #Hpaan #LumbiniGarden #Myanmar. Hpa-An / Lumbini Garden Hpa-An Myanmar Burma. Hpa-An Lumbini Garden Myanmar Burma.

The Lumbini Gardens or Buddha Park

The Lumbini Garden, although generally known as Buddha Garden, is not really a garden as such, but the home of several hundred cleanly arranged, sitting Buddha-pictures. Situated near the Kyauk Kalat Pagoda at the base of Zwegabin and its steep calcareous rocks, the reserve is truly stunning.

It is also the point of departure for the 725m Zwegabin summit, but whether you try the summit or not, Lumbini is a must. If you are trying the fast climbs, you should plan at least two lessons if you are reasonably well. This tour lasts only a few min. unless you try an uphill walk, but it is situated near the Kyauk Kalat Pagoda and is definitely a little loop.

There is no entry and the situation is further down the same street as Kyauk Kalat at the bottom of Zwegabin.

SPA An Surrounding Area

Then after a brief ride we go to Kaw Gun Cape, also known as the Ten Thousand Buddha's Den. To this day, not all of them have been encrypted, as the caves from the seventh c... The Lumbini Garden with Mount Zwekabin as a landscape setting lies further down.

Buddha's 1000 Buddha sculptures and the 722 meter high hill give the place a mystical note. The probably most beautyful cavern is the Saddar cavern. We' re walking through a whole limestone area. Particularly the caverns Stalagmiten and Stalaktiten are amazing. Under the limestone massif a tradional wood ship takes us back to the parking lot.

Later in the afternoons we will go to the cavern, where every evening more than a thousand mice come out to find nourishment.

Brief reference to Lumbini Park below - Zwegabin Mountain, Hpa An, Myanmar

As there is no list for Buddha below, I thought I would add a little one. This place I particularly liked because it wasn't completely renovated, like most Buddha sculptures found in Myanmar. It' s an amazing view, so I'd say it's still definitely a worthwhile place to go, even if you don't climb the Zwegabin.

It' s so well deserved the look. Since few folks have already post it, I just want to say.... girl from the restaurants ask me to ask the folks to remember that this is a convent, so everyone should be respecting it.please don't bringing it... no cards. At the summit luncheon (there is a vegetable restaurant) I was asked by the landlord to put a plaque in English for the growing number of visitors who stay here.

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