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Tribune: News from Ludhiana Town

LUDHIANA: A large number of inhabitants assembled in front of the Palestinian Authority to demonstrate against the planned cutting down of tree stands for the high street Ferozepurstrasse. Large numbers of inhabitants assembled in front of the Palestinian Authority to demonstrate against the planned cutting down of wood for the high street Ferozepur Rd. Approximately 2,000 will be felled on the route from Octroi Post on Ferozepur Rd. to Samrala Chowk.

Tree-cutting was prohibited by the National Green Tribunal following a 2016 appeal by Sangrur-based campaigner Dr Amandeep Aggarwal. NHAI has applied to the NGT for a permit to ax the highways. The villagers said they would keep protesting until either the whole scheme was abandoned or its layout was modified to keep all tree life intact.

Demonstrators said the plan would lead to an unreparable reduction of the hull. "When 2,000 will be felled, it is irreversibly damaging to the natural habitat of Ludhiana, one of the most heavily contaminated citys. It' taking 20 years for a tree to grow," says Dr Amandeep Singh Brains of RBS Rootts.

EcoSikh's Ravneet Singh pointed out that urban sprawl is already lower and further planting will make the surroundings poor. The inhabitants wondered why such a move was taken in this already contaminated town. "And Ludhiana is one of the most heavily contaminated towns in the whole wide globe and is even the third or even quarter-contaminated town in the whole state.

However, instead of taking measures to help the enviroment, measures are being taken in the false sense by suggesting the cutting down of trees," said Col. DS Grewal. "Tree is the lung of the world. Since it is not possible to remove one of the organs from the human system just because it takes up enough room for another, we cannot fell trees," she said.

A number of inhabitants said that adequate urban populations' participation was not taken into consideration before this was approved, so it should be banned due to the concerns of several inhabitants. This love of nature and the enviroment must also be recognized in India," said Hariom Jindal, a lawyer.

This contentious scheme has already been challenged by several inhabitants as they say that there was no need for the Ferozepur Rd as it is already one of the broader streets with no congestions or bottlenecks. As Mohinder Singh Grewal, Secretary-General of the International Human Rights Organisation, said, this increased path would be of no use, and it is only one way to obtain funding from the centre of red tape and politic.

Initiators of Change's Gauravdeep Singh said that little interest had been shown for the young people because they needed a healthier world. Jaskirate Singh, a local, said that the inhabitants did not know that so many were going down in the name of it. The inhabitants asked the local authority either to stop the plan or to modify its layout so that the tree would not face thexe.

Especially after this had received the consent of the Centre, the opposition congress directors of the time had called this plan into question. Well, when Congress comes to government, they say that it is imprudent to say no to a previously agreed work. LUDHIANA: It's only been a year since GST was introduced, but folks have begun to find ways to demand fake GST reimbursements.

LUDHIANA: A police officer stationed at Jagraon Police Lines was murdered after the motorbike he was driving crashed head-on with another motorbike on Jagraon-Raikot Road on Tuesday mornings. LUDHIANA: The process of appointing new districtwide convention leaders (urban and rural) has started, and according to the source, the name has already been sent to the High Commando.

LUDHIANA: Inderpal Kaur, a doctoral candidate at the Department of Biochemistry at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), was chosen for the Food Safety and Security Summer Institute-2018, a program funded by Tel Aviv University, Israel. LUDHIANA: Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, signed a MoA (Memorandum of Agreement) for the marketing of PAU Super SMS technology on Tuesday.

LUDHIANA: To provide professional education for milk producers and young people who want to become milk producers, the milk industry will launch an advisory course on 9 July. Ludhiana: LUDHIANA: Jammu Tawi and Sealdah were delighted to see those awaiting boarding the new Humsafar Weekly AC Express Railway when the locomotive arrived at the second stop at Ludhiana railway stop on Tuesday even.

LUDHIANA: The woman who accuses a Punjab Police DSP of making her a drug addict has stated to start a drug abuse drive by going to Punjab to visit Punjab towns to raise consciousness about the evils of it. LUDHIANA: The collapse of the municipal and county governments was once again obvious, as the streets became basins of waters that caused great discomfort to mankind and made it hard for the commullers to navigate through knee-deep, standing waters in many parts of the town.

Ludhiana: LUDHIANA: The Education Department has ordered an investigation against sports instructor Ajitpal Singh, who was deported to the government's Senior Secondary School Boys, Jawahar Nagar, after the subsidiary of a governor had written a note to the County Education Officer, Director General School Education, Education Secretary and Ministry of Human Resource Development. LUDHIANA: The inhabitants are protesting against the planned logging of Samrala Chowk to the Octroi Post on Ferozepur Road at Gate No. LUDHIANA: BJP workmen, headed by Ravinder Arora, head of the county council, protested at Clock Tower Chowk, where they burned the portrait of Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh for his government's failures in handling traffickers and human-traffickers.

LUDHIANA: Harshveer Singh Sekhon from Ludhiana took part in the current World Roller Skating Championships-2018 from 1 to 8 July in the Netherlands. Ludhiana: LUDHIANA: The Communist Party of India (CPI) called for any deaths caused by drugs dependency in the state to be labelled as murders by the state.

LUDHIANA: The Punjab Agricultural Management and Extensionraining Institute (PAMETI), PAU, Ludhiana, organizes a one-day program on "Smart Home Gardening" for outdoor enthusiasts from all areas of the world. LUDHIANA: With a'turle whali pagg', a shadra and kurtas, a'bugchu' in the armpits, a young man is singing with passion as his hands go up the melodic slope.

LUDHIANA: The Ministry of Education inspectorate visited 41 state colleges on Monday to verify the presence of pupils on the first morning after the school holidays.

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