The name Luciano is Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. The name is derived from the Latin Lucianus, the patronym of Lucius ("light"). Welcome to a unique dining experience with us in Luciano. This is Luciano's, a piece of Italy in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Luciano's music video with I Remember When.

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Luciano was founded in 1978. He has been a DJ since 1993 and a production manager since 1997.

Wrentham MA RI Italian Restaurants

Luciano's is a piece of Italy in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Luciano has been cooking some of the best dishes and wines for his clients in his own private dining room since 1991. Aware that there are many ltalian eateries, Luciano's has stayed faithful to its initial aim of creating tasty meals.

In our eatery we will offer our guests an unforgettable five-star-adventure. Luciano's is one of the top eateries in Italy for MA and RI. In the nice eatery you will find a large lounge with many different eating areas. Every room has its own subtle detail to carry our guests to Luciano's home town.

We have a suitable place for every event. Luciano's is ideal for any event, from a marriage to a test meal or just a meal with the whole team. Visit us on Friday or Saturday and enjoy Luciano's in person. Our menu contains many classic Italians with the infamous Luciano flavour.

Luciano's meals are no less than what he would cook for his own people. At Luciano's, excellence is paramount and when you eat in our French restaurants, we will do everything we can to make sure you have a pleasant time. It is Luciano himself who would like to invite you to take a journey to Italy and eat with him at Luciano.

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