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When you are looking for friendly, reasonable prices, good advice for travel and Thailand and honest, then you should come to us. The LSH Travel office is in Bangkok. Use the Bangkok travel planner to add LSH Travel to your Bangkok itinerary and discover new holiday ideas.

Unresponsible - Review LSH Travel, Bangkok, Thailand

Use this travel agency for a journey to Amphawa Swimming Market and Meklong Railway Market. Later we found out that it was because the leader, who was supposed to be used, didn't show up and had to look for a last minutes replacemen.

What was even worse was that another group that was with us was paying a different charge for the same one. Ivan, I apologise for the things that are happening to you that particular date. Didn't know you weren't satisfied with the trip. Many thanks for your evaluation, which I take up in our knowing and ensure that we make things in the commodity for us and all of you.

Again, I'm really sorry for this awkward moment with us this morning. The English speaker and our English speaker picked us up on schedule. We walked around the graveyard and the museums and went to the viaduct. The lunch was great and then we went back to Bangkok.

Drivers were outstanding, very attentive and kept a good gap between the cars in front. We made a reservation to Kanchanaburi to visit the bridge at the river Kwai last night. It was a mini van with a truck chauffeur who hardly even speaksese. It was said that we should be expecting an anglophone leader, but she did not come to us until we had driven for 3 hrs without a single note from our rider.

Returning to Bangkok was another 4 hrs of quiet, stopped only by a stop at a nasty gas stop to fill up the truck. I brought your evaluation to talk to our agent, who we used to send to Kanchanaburi trips and tell them every point you mentioned.

Should this poor result be repeated, however, we will try to send our customers to another Kanchanaburi agents. The only thing we want to do is to make all travelers on vacation happier. Have you been to LSH Travel?

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