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Left, new arrival Loon Htar Htar, right. Enter Facebook to connect with Lun Htar Htar and others you may know. Myanmar HD Movie Collection.

Yangon Life | Star Movie

Aung Khit Min's Offertorium of the "Star" film took place at the My Garden Restaurant on December 31, 2016. The film is shot by Aung Zaw Lin and the following stars: Kyaw Htet, Min Oo, Min Paing, Phyo Thu, Nan Myat Phyo Thin, Myo Thandar Tun and others.

The actress Aye Myat Thu will be a special guests and the screenplay was composed by Nyi Aung Nyi. Star " is an interpretation of the novel "Look up to the stars" by Loon Htar Htar(MC).

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