Longana is a legendary water creature of the female gender. Longana appear in the legends of the people of Cadore, Italy. is in Vanuatu, with the iata code LOD and the icao code NVSG.

Long-nana (legendary creature)

Longana is a female water being. Longana appear in the Legend of the Cadoreites. It resembles faun legend because it has substandard goat members. Also portrayed as smart and pretty girls, they talk to ghosts on a regular basis, which accounts for their exceptional understanding of nature phenomena.

There is a legend that one of the Longana wives chose to mix with a man, and they finally got remarried, only on the proviso that the man had to completely ignore the woman's origin. Finally, the pair flourished because the wife had somehow intervened in her agricultural work and produced her corn in abundance.

So the men began to insult the wife, so she ran away and left her man and kids behind.


Playback of rules by Megan Cytro, as you can see in The Buena Vista Social Club, as told by Louis Perez, as performed in Tampa, Florida. I just learnt a little dominos name Longana over the holiday period. I was educated by my husband's grandpa, Louis Perez, who every weeks performs at the Centro Asturiano in Tampa (with mostly old cubican and spain boys) dominos.

We' ve seen with him the Buena Vista Social Club movie and in one shot, when the musician takes a pause, they are playing a match that looks different from double-niner or double-six. So we asked him about the match and he showed us Longana. It is a good four-player match (the max number of players) and goes fast once you get the knack.

Apparently in some Latinos, the term Longana has a second, less blameless meaning..... The Longana is performed with a doubleset of 9. Each player takes 8 checkers. The highest doubles are used in the first match. For the following matches, the player who won the last match can choose to win any doubles.

When he has no doubles, the next character (counterclockwise) is playing hisou. In this case, either 3 must be on the side nearest to him or, if 2, he can be in the 2 area. Every user can always gamble in his own area ( "the side of the first doubles game", directly in front of him; if there are three users, there are only three areas, i.e. only three sides of the doubles game are used; 2 users, 2 sides, etc.).

Players who pass can also pass in this player's area. You probably want to tag passports in some way, perhaps with a small token on the last dominos you' ve used. You can always choose to have your match in any area. The next time a players plays a dominos in his own area, in the area of a players who existed in any area or with a jack.

If a dominos tile is discarded somewhere, his area will be blocked for other users. The same number is given by two people ("6" for example). In this case, the individual who plays a six must either be in his or her own area or in the area of the first individual to pass.

This round is continued until someone is playing all his dominos. That player gets the points from the other members. You can end the match with 50 or 100 points. Your predominant gameplay is to set up the best set of dominos for your area in advance (without telling other gamblers how good or poor your hands are).

Then to get the rest of the dominos off, you must either sit in other players' areas waiting for you to double or for other people to fold so you can gamble in their areas. As soon as everyone is good in the hand, the true enjoyment begins when you begin to keep an overview of what is being shared and what is being shared, and find ways to prevent other gamers from taking their dino.

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