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Purchase Lonely Planet Myanmar (Burma) from Dymock's online BookStore. The Lonely Planet Publisher: Lonely Planet Global Limited Lonely Planet Myanmar (Burma) is your passport to the most important and up-to-date advice on what to see and skip and what hidden discoveries to expect. The Lonely Planet takes you to the heart of Myanmar (Burma) with amazing travel experiences and the best planning tips: Purchase Lonely Planet Publications Ltd from Lonely Planet: The Lonely Planet Guides are as simple as no other.

Burma (Myanmar) Travelling Hints and Products

Inle Lake's spectacular waters, Intha fishing canoe, with one foot, garden and timber houses, swim on shaky stilt poles above the waters..... Inle Lake's spectacular waters ide, Intha Fishing Rows canoe, with one foot, garden and timber houses, swim on shaky stilt poles above the waters.

Spend your leisure hours exploring one of Myanmar's most famous tourist attractions with an early bird's eye view sightseeing tour, a bike ride through the scenery or a stay in the nearby mountains and towns. Inle Lake Boating Sean Hsu / Shutterstock Take a boating tour On the waters is of course the most loved way to enjoy Inle Lake.....

Vietnam, Laos & Myanmar on a shootstring

We don't have timefor an expansive quest. Earnestly, as at the moment. Think of five full week with the best travel sites that four Southeast Asian nations have to choose from. Recreational on the gold shores along Vietnam's sun-drenched coastline, drive through the famous Halong Bay and hike between the paddy fields of Myanmar (Burma).

It is a one-of-a-kind route that every first-time traveler (or repeater ) in Southeast Asia should do. Nha Trang Optional Nha Trang activity includes a snorkeling cruise to the nearest island or maybe a full days snorkeling along the water. Hanoi 11 Hanoi You should devote your free Hanoi time to exploring Hanoi. Why not cycle around some of the caverns or take a refreshing stroll?

At night you can enjoy the Vang Vieng's pristine nature as the setting sundown. It' just an memorable South East Asia adventure. Chiang Mai 20 Enjoy a free afternoon to discover. 24-25 Inle lake Enjoy the free times to discover the area. Hire a bicycle, take a cookery course or visit the lakeside by sea and visit some of its swimming towns and parks.

Rendezvous with a free afternoon to see the surrounding towns or continue your exploration of the wreck. 31 Yangon (1B) Take a free afternoon in the country's former city. Departure from Bangkok at any moment.

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