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London bus routes, maps, timetables and fares. Everything you need to know about London bus travel, from London bus fares to bus passes and tickets. Climb into a London double-decker bus and explore it. London's bus is one of London's most important icons, the archetypal red back entrance AEC Routemaster is known worldwide.

By bus in London - Transport for London

If you are travelling by London bus, we want you to have the best possible adventure. In case you haven't used our service yet, or it's been some while, here are some hints for using our service. More than 6 million passengers use London's bus transport every single workingday. Your security is our top number.

We' re reinvesting in the improvement of London's bus transport, including the provision of real-time information on the Internet and at bus and coach stations, driver support trainings and the use of the latest technologies for new, more environmentally friendly coaches. In order to make traveling faster and easier, all London coaches are now cashless. That means you need an Oyster cardholder, non-contact checkout, bus and streetcar passes, travelcard or Freedom Passport to get around on a London bus.

There is a notice at all our London stations with the name of the station, which route they stop at and in which way they go. Most of our bus stations also have an information plaque with information about other bus lines in the area. You can take any of our busses. As soon as you are on the boat, please either tap your credit or debit cards on the meter or show your tickets or go to the drivers.

On the bus, please go downstairs and use all available places and seating, also on the upper floor in double-decker coaches. Busses run a hail and ride on some of our London suburbs. As there are no permanent stations, you can either tell the rider that you want to get on or push the stop key to get off at a secure point along the street.

In order for our clients to know where they are on their travels, the next stop information is shown on the information screen and advertised on all our busses. If your stop is shown and advertised, please push the button once and in good deed. That way the chauffeur knows you want out.

Several of our coaches are equipped with inductive looping to make communication with the drivers easier for clients with impaired hearing. loudspeakers can also be used for other applications. Sometimes we have to shut down bus stations for road works, marching and sports activities. If a bus stop is shut, a green cap will be placed above the bus stop plate and some bus stations will receive information on where to go to reach your bus.

Notification that a stop is open is shown on the information screen of the bus and greetings are made. Talk to the bus stop when you need more information.

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