News, sports and local advertising from Lompoc Ca. sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] Councilman [5] Mayor Bob Lingl, Jenelle Osborne, Dirk Starbuck, Lompoc (, LOM-poke) (Purisimeño: Lompo', "Stagnant Water"[10]) is a town in Santa Barbara County, California, on the western seaboard of the United States. It was founded on 13 August 1888. There were 42,434 people in the 2010 survey compared to 41,103 in the 2000 survey. The Chumash lived in the area around Lompoc before the arrival of Europeans.

Its name derives from a Purisimeño word, "Lum Poc", which means "standing water" or "lagoon". By 1837, the Mexico administration was selling the area as a Rancho Lompoc country subsidy. As Hollister sells his stake to the Lompoc Valley Country Company, today's Lompoc was founded on this part of the country as an abstinence group.

The name Lompoc was initially to be New Vineland, after the abstinence camp in New Jersey. It is known as the floral seeds capitol of the worlds. The area around Lompoc was populated by the Chumash before the Spaniards conquered it. The mission La Purisima was founded in 1787 near today's south outskirts of the town.

In 1812, after an earth quake devastated the operation, it was transferred to its present site 1.6 kilometres north-east of the town. Grefco, another kieselguhr business, migrated to Lompoc in the 1940'. An asphalt street connected Lompoc with Buellton and the remainder of California around 1920.

In World War II, the coastline just east of Lompoc was the site of Camp Cooke, a US army military field exercise center where large forces could practise manoeuvres. The Lompoc fleet gradually expanded until 1958, when the United States Air Force declared that the formeramp Cooke would be a test site for the Thor midrange rocket program and the first SM-65 Atlas launch site, an international balistic rocket.

It then began to expand quickly to accommodate tens of millions of civilians as well as contractor personnel working on the base, soon re-named Vandenberg Air Force Base. Space shuttles were due to begin in the 1980', and the town saw a booming building of restaurants and hotels in expectation of visitors arriving for the lift.

When the Challenger blew up at the start of Cape Canaveral in 1986, however, the West Coast shuttles were shut down, plunging Lompoc into a deep economic downturn. According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a combined area of 11.7 sq. m. (30 km2), 99.34% of which is lands and 0.66% of which is seas.

The largest part of the town is located in the Santa Ynez Rivers basin, at an altitude of about 25-30 metres; the most recent extension has been to the northern part, on higher soil known as Vandenberg Village, at altitudes of 50-100 metres. The subterranean current in the sand riverbed charges the groundwater under the town, from which nine wells (of which a 10th is planned) provide the town with drinking oil.

Lompoc is not affiliated with the State Water Project, unlike many other Southern California states. It has a cold Mediterranean temperate zone (Köppen class Csb), characteristic of the Californian coast. This town is mostly windy, with a sea breezy. According to the 2010 United States Census[17] Lompoc had a total of 42,434 inhabitants.

Demographics were 3,634. A census showed that 38,778 persons (91.4% of the population) were living in private homes, 99 (0.2%) in non-institutionalised group neighbourhoods and 3,557 (8.4%) were institutionalised. There were 11,188 persons (26. 4%) under 18, 4,452 persons (10. 5%) between 18 and 24, 12,233 persons (28. 8%) between 25 and 44, 10,338 persons (24. 4%) between 45 and 64 and 4,223 persons (10. 0%) 65 or older.

18,534 persons (43. 7% of the population) were living in freehold flats and 20,244 persons (47. 7%) in rented flats. At the 2000 census[18], 43,284 persons, 13,059 homes and 9,311 homes were living in Lompoc. Demographics were 3,532. There were 65 races in the town.

Thirty-one percent of the populace. There were 29 people in the group. Average incomes for a budget in the town were $47,587, and average incomes for a single member of the community were $62,199. 4 per cent of the populace were below the breadline, 20 per cent of them. Lompoc police is the city's most important criminal investigation department.

Lompoc Fire Brigade (LFD), which receives more than 3,800 distress and non-emergency phone numbers annually, also serves the town. 19 ] The LFD provides reciprocal assistance to the Santa Barbara County Fire Department and provides fire safety and urgent health care to the US Lompoc Prison.

The State Route 1 is the main north-south axis through Lompoc. Destination is on Surf Beach to the West and is serviced by Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner Line. City of Lompoc Transit, the Clean Air Express to Santa Barbara/Goleta and the Breeze Bus to Buellton/Solvang and Santa Maria also serve Lompoc.

Equipment used as Lompoc emblem for urban documentation, tourism information, etc. The Vandenberg Air Force Base is the dominant economic base, directly occupying a large portion of Lompoc's population and providing $1.7 billion to the region's population. 21 ] The Vandenberg Air Force Base occupies most of the inhabitants of Lompoc. Further pillars of the industry are the Federal Prison, the Kieselgurmine (today in the possession of Imerys), the Lompoc Oilfield and the associated Ölverarbeitungsanlagen northern of the municipality as well as the agricultural sector (in particular seeds and vegetables).

With the end of the Cold War, many Santa Barbara employees have relocated to Lompoc to take advantages of lower living expenses, making Lompoc an effective Santa Barbara bed and breakfast partnership. Is a Lompoc song writer whose work has been published in NPR's Éclectic Mornings Becomes. Lompoc Pops Orchestra has been playing for 20 years.

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