Lokasyon ng Myanmar

Locasyon ng Myanmar

Surfing, chocolate, at art ba kamo? He' ll be back in a minute. Locate Myanmar. Locate longitudes and latitudes for cities in Myanmar. Leader of @ICRC delegation in Myanmar.

Top 12 Hotels in Myanmar 2018/2019

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Burma latitude and longitude map

Myanmar's degree of latitude is 22° 00' North and 98° 00' E. Bottom is the Myanmar chart with the most important cities, streets, airfields with degrees of latitude and longitude. Here is a list of the most important cities and highways. However, Compare Infobase Limited, its officers and staff have no liability for the accuracy or authenticity of the same. or Myanmar is 678,500 sq km. covers the tropics zone's climates are consistent with the other tropics.

Myanmar's main city, Yangon, has 16° 47'North and 96 10'East latitudes and longitudes. Since Myanmar's meridian lies in the eastern part of the Prime Meridian, the Greenwich Mean Times is six and a half hour ahead of us. There' s only one timezone in Myanmar and the gap to the default Washington DC is about 11.5h.

South Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

parallel and meridian co-ordinates are: 16.871311, 96.199379. It is a town of 5 million people and a former Myanmar (Burma) capitol. This is an important historical and culturally important centre of the land, which at the same times has a rather basic and ancient population. Yangon's degree of latitude, Myanmar (Burma) is 16.871311, and the degree of latitude is 96.199379.

Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) is in Myanmar (Burma) in the cities class with 16° 52' 16.7196'''' North and 96° 11' 57.7644'' E. Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) is 40 metres high, which corresponds to 131ft.

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