Loikaw Lodge

The Loikaw Hut

The Loikaw Lodge by the lake: Situated north of Loikaw's main centre, Loikaw Lodge is a small, family-run boutique hotel overlooking Lake Hteengarhlyar. Unique stay in Kayah State, Myanmar Welcom ely to a singular residence in the heart of the untouched tribe-tradition, the nature and the incomparable hospitableness. Enjoy the Kayaw Suite's luxurious interior or enjoy the unmatched comfort and furnishings of each of our custom designed eluxe and Superior rooms. Get to know interesting and interesting places and get advice from our locals about the best places to enjoy genuine Myanmar (and Loikaw-specific) Cuisines.

Journey to countries between the Kayahs, the mystic Karen Hills and the Kayah people's wealthy civilization. Find out more about these countries and experience the stories, legend and myth of our locals. And, of course, be part of our responsibility to maintain and develop these vulnerable countries and indispensable crops.

Get to know the familiy that bridges the gap in culture and society and brings together from all over the globe to enjoy the country's beauties and refinement between-day. Our commitment is to preserve and participate in sustainable travel that promotes the consciousness and quality of these old countries and their population.

Fantastic hôtel - review of Loikaw Lodge on the lake, Loikaw, Myanmar

If you are going to see the still somewhat secluded Kayah State, you should remain in Loi Kaw. The Loikaw Lodge by the lake is also worth a trip. Jens gave us the best Italians ( "or any other West ") dinners in Myanmar, and gave us a flowing English conversation about everything we needed to know: where to fix our bicycle (he took us to a small specialty store, translating and waiting until the bicycle was in order), where we could organize a trip or a cab to Hpa-an and what was going on with the many minorities in Kayah State.

He also organized a walk to the Padaung and Kayah mountain trunks. We had a great laugh in only one and a half days, also thanks to the English speaker Jens, who took care of our trip through these mountain-towns.

As we came back with dust, Jens and Swe let us take a bath in an empty room, although we had already finished checking out. So, we walked out of Loikaw neat, well nourished and relaxed and swore to come back to Kayah State one time.

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