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Isan, is one of the most sparsely populated provinces (changwat) in Thailand. It is the capital of the province of the same name in the region Isaan (northeast) of Thailand. The Loei City itself is not very interesting. Loei Phu Kradueng National Park the city of the Sea of Mountains, the coldest place in Siam and the most beautiful flowers of the three seasons. It is a province in the northeast of Thailand.

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In Isan, Loei (Thai: ???, pronounced[l???j]) is one of the most thinly inhabited counties (changwat) in Thailand. Loei is encircled by peaks dotted with mist and rich in diverse vegetation. Phu Kradueng, Phu Luang and Phu Ruea are the most famous peaks in the area.

Phu Kradueng is part of the Phu Kradueng Nationalpark. Phu Hin Rong Kla, Phu Ruea, Phu Pha Man and Phu Suan Sai (also known as Na Haeo) are other major natural reserves. Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the county. Loei was traditionally established by men from Chiang Saen, the capitol of Lan Na.

Later, droughts and illnesses caused the village inhabitants to move to what is now Loei. King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) founded the Loei Provincial in 1907. Shown on the provincial sigil is the stamp of Phra That Si Song Rak, erected in 1560 by King Maha Chakrapat of the Ayutthaya Kingdom and King Chai Chetha of Lan Xang as a symbolic of mutual understanding between the two kings.

The Route 201 runs from Chiang Khan in the northern part at the Laos frontier, through Loei, to Non Sa-at near Chum Phae. The Route 203 goes westwards near Phu Ruea and then southwards to Lom Sak. The town column was made of natural chestnut tree, which was lavishly cut into lotsus form at the top and gilt with gilt leaves on top of dark varnish.

Phra Kiat Public Park, Pa Loeng Yai (?????????????????????????? ???????????) A popular garden on the Loei River. Loei Tourism Coordination Centre Bureau (??????????????????????????????????????????????????) Previously the Mueang Loei Town Council and District Bureau. In this place the Cultural Council of the province of Loei gathered the throne of the Emperor. It is a big grotto in a rocky hill.

Buddha pictures, a stalagmite and a stalactite can be seen in the cavern. The Si Khun Mueang Tempel (??????????????) This is a meeting place for Lanna and Lan Chang artists. And there are also many works of artwork such as a Buddha carving gilt with gilt leaves on patent leather in the Lan Chang pardon attitude.

The Phu Khok Ngio Buddha ( ??????????????? ) A changing Buddha picture in the blessed pose, poured from fiber and gold combines resins. The Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary (???????????????????????????????) Phu Luang means "great mountain" or "mountain of the king". More than 120 million years ago, fingerprints of dinosaurs were found on the rocks to the eastern part of Phu Luang.

Phu Luang's most important are Pinus meerkusii and Kesiya pinewoods, savannahs on plateaus, hills and rock outcrops. Then a rise of the earth's rust together with million of years of wild decay made this hill oddly pretty, similar to the rock gardens in Kunming, Yunnan China.

A large cavern whose entry anchors a Buddha picture in the suppression of the Mara attitude. Phhrathat Si Song Rak (????????????????) His architectural design is Lan Chang styled. Phrathat, a statue with the Buddha's remains, is 19 years old. In addition, a Buddha picture is anchored in the grounds of the monastery, which is covered by a seven-headed Naga in Tibetian sty.

An imitation of Phra Phutthachinnarat is anchored as the principal picture. The Phi Ta Khon Museum (?????????????????????) An educationally interesting place for those interested in the Bun Luang and Phi Ta Khon festivals. A Uubosot is available, which reflects the abilities of the locals, as well as a copy of Phrathat Si Song Rak.

The Prachao Ong Saen Buddha picture is anchored in the abbot's cells, an old picture of the city for many generation. The Dok Fai Ban Makham Wan Mueang Loei Red Cross Fair (?????????????????? ?????????????????) takes place every year from 1 to 9 February in front of the Loei City Hall.

Thai-Lao Songkran Festivals (?????????????????????-???), which takes place every year from April 12th to 15th in the Tha Li District. A large number of Laos take part in the event. The Bun Bang Fai Lan Festivals (???????????????????????), which take place on the grounds of Wat Erawan Phatthanaram, Erawan District, on the full moon of the sixth and sixth months of the year or in May each year.

It' Loei's greatest celebration. The Phrathat Si Song Rak Fair (??????????????????????????) is an international gathering organized on the full moons of the sixth and sixth months of the Universe from the end of April to the beginning of May to commemorate Phrathat Si Song Rak, an important place of veneration for the city. The Bun Luang and Phi Ta Khon Festivals (????????????????? ???????????????????) take place every year in the Dan Sai District on Saturday-Sunday after the full moons on the sixth full months of the moons and after respecting Phrathat Si Song Rak.

The Phi Ta Khon Parade is organized as part of the Bun Luang Festivals, an annually held community service event. The Chiang Khan's End of Buddhist Lenten Fest (???????????????????????????????), which is organized every year on the full moonson day of the eleventh moonson in front of the Chiang Khan district office. The Prasat Phueng Prozession, longboat racing, ruea cape racing, lighted boating competitions, Tak Bat Devo and various events and arts and entertainment as part of the festivals are available.

The Sea of Fog and Beautiful Flower Blossom on Phu Ruea (Winter Flower Fair, Phu Ruea District) (?????????? ????????? ????????????????) takes place on the premises in front of the Phu Ruea District Office during New Year's Day, around 31 December and 3 January each year. Among the festival's festivities are a moderate flower show, a flower carriage show, competitions for moderate flower and ornamental herbs, an evenings in Mae Khaning, dancing in the wind.

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