Locate Myanmar on World Map

Myanmar on the world map

View the full list of Myanmar embassies around the world and find the next one. Are you planning to get married in Myanmar? Find the most important cities and natural monuments. andalay is the second largest city and the last royal capital of Myanmar (Burma). Fichier Burma Rakhine Locator Map Png Labels Where Is Myanmar Located On The World Map Galleries.

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Myanmar on the World ("Myanmar centered").svg

Burma is marked reddish. The SVG map is part of a set of locators that use the widely used map schema. The layout guidelines are on the basis of the card designs of the online card store ? It is advantageous to deduce new map locations from already available one. This means that the new map can still be used as a site map (?Guide).

Location map of Taiwan in China. Therefore Taiwan is shaded grey/red. Dotted edges or shaded areas indicate controversial areas or areas that are not fully integrated. Political situation are just as different as cards. The cards above are only an example. To display the document as it was published at that point, click a date/time.

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These groundbreaking initiatives are helping to meet the world's increasing demand for power responsibly.

These groundbreaking initiatives are helping to meet the world's increasing demand for power responsibly. It' an offshore platform. Detail of parts in operation. This is a close-up of a man working in a protective helmet. This is a close-up of the metallic necklace that is unwound from the part around which it is wound. This is a close-up of the lifted part with a labourer in the back to pull it up.

Stills B/W. Working with governments, national energy companies and many others to implement energy projects around the world. Handwithpencil, script on pencil. Handshake close-up, one side with painted rose color. Stills. Masculine physician taking the patient's BP.

Deep-water entertainment. Wideball shaded Mighty Servo with deep-sea reconnaissance gear. Broad deep-sea gear free-standing in the sea. This is a close-up of the amber part of the sea. Offshore boulders off Myanmar's waters offer an exciting opportunity for border reconnaissance. View from the top of the bloc. Antenna of the deep-sea exploratory unit.

This is a close-up of a man with a safety helmet in front of his face. OHP recording of a group of workmen in dark brown jumpsuits. Back view of employees in burgundy jumpsuits going over the gangway with employees in burgundy jumpsuits going over the gangway towards the cameraman. Throughout the world, we have reliably completed more than 20 large deep-sea projects.

Broad air view of deep-sea boulders. Proximity view of seawater. Timelapse of the resolution of the rotated part into a line motion. Tight view of the laboratory technician on the lefthand side in overall in blue and with protective goggles. Luminous colored thermocard on big picture canvas, moderator with rose chemise to the right of the canvas.

Tight up of the women's lefthand portrait in rose-coloured shirts, speaking and gesturing. Back of the theater: large projection in front of the theater with animations of the workmen who cross the viaduct under structure items, small projection behind the theater (in front of the shot) with the same animations. The smiley lady looking at the animations; she wears 3-D glasses and the animations are mirrored in the lens.

This is a close-up of the display with a reddish picture and three yellows vertically to the south. T-shirt with eyeglasses and headphones, looking closely at a monitor. Blacked-out close-up of gloves that pour blank steam from a tank into a bottle; the steam slowly expands. pours into a small window.

Blacked out close-up of steam condensing into a fluid state. It has been the development of new ways to convert Lng into gasoline and the construction of the world's first swimming Lng plant, the largest swimming structure ever made. As an integrated energy company, we are also active in the downstream sector of Myanmar, which distributes lubricant and supplies oil products.

This is a close-up of a finger rotating a small glass of clear fluid. The cogwheel is close-up. Tight inspection of the part by the engineer using a flashlight. This is a close-up of the hands with the device for applying lubricants to a round metallic part. Lube close-up. Detail of the gear wheel with continuous lubrication.

Detail view of lowered parts of the machinery and application of lubricants. And we look forward to continuing to work with our partners to turn Myanmar's exciting energy potential into real.

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