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Find also local time zone, travel information, nearest airport, currency of Yangon, Myanmar, Current local time in Yangon, Yangon, Myanmar. Have a great introduction to Yangon from a long time on site! I'm writing this from Lisbon, Portugal. received an e-mail from Yangon about an hour ago: Internet and telephone are to be cut off before tomorrow. Moonrise time for today, moonrise time for today, sunrise time for today, sunset time for today, current local time in Myanmar, Yangon.

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simply chat with your friends in Yangon..sept 25 do 6pm local time

5:45 AM Wednesday Mornings Myanmar time: Though I said this in my preceding pole on this thread, it carries repeating: Apparently, in a setting like this, with a lot of insecurity and a lot of pressure, amazing tales are told and become even more awesome every time they are told again.

If there is one thing the Myanmar tribe is known for, it is that they are NOTORIOSE tattletales. It is my guess that part of it is ancient and comes from a tradition of a way of living with verbal propaganda as an important means of information transmission.

Holy Father Francis' Apostolic Journey to Myanmar and Bangladesh (26 November - 2 December 2017) - Holy Mass at the Kyaikkasan site in Yangon

Earlier this mornings, after he had left the Archdiocese of Yangon, the Holy Father Francis drove by road to the Kyaikkasan site. On the day of the Pope's arrivals at 8:30 a.m. local time (3:00 a.m. local time), after a guided visit by the Pope's Mobile, the Pope held Holy Mass on the third floor.

After the Eucharistic celebration, the Cardinal Charles Bo, H.D.B., Archiepiscopal Bishop of Yangon, welcomed the Holy Father. This is followed by the sermon of the Holy Father after the preaching of the Gospel: Today's first readings from the book of Daniel help us to see how confined the knowledge of King Belshazzar and his visionaries is.

Though they knew how to glorify "gods of gildes of gildes and silvers, bronzes, iron, timber and stone" (Dn 5,4), they did not have the knowledge to glorify God, in whose hands is our lives and breaths. Daniel, on the other side, had the Lord's knowledge and could understand His great secrets.

Jesus is the final interpret of the secrets of God. It is the personal knowledge of God (cf. 1 Cor 1:24). Unsurprisingly, Jesus taught us His teachings not through long discourses or great demonstration of great politics or terrestrial might, but through giving His existence on the Crucifix. We can sometimes be trapped in our own knowledge, but the reality is that we can readily loose our orientation.

It is at this time that we must recall that we have a safe and secure map in front of us, in the Lord on the crucifixion. We find in the crucifix the serenity that can lead our lives with the coming of God's day. Cure also comes from the crucifix. There Jesus presented his miracles to the Father for us, the miracles through which we are cured ( 1 Pet 2:24).

Let us always have the knowledge to find in Christ's miracles the fount of all healings! In Myanmar, I know that many carry the scars of force, both visual and conceal. It is tempting to react to these violations with a secular knowledge which, like that of the Kings at first readings, is profoundly inaccurate.

But the way of vengeance is not Jesus' way. Jesus' way is radical different. The Gospel today says to us that we too, like him, can meet refusal and barriers, but He will give us a truth that cannot be withstood (. Lk 21:15). Through his Spirit's endowment, Jesus empowers us to be a sign of His triumph anthem, triumphant over the knowledge of this earth, and His compassion that relieves even the most ailment.

The night before his passions, Jesus gave himself to his disciples under the sign of food and drink. Not only do we see in the Eucharist's offering the offering of his heart and soul through the sight of our believers; we also know how to lie in his sores and be purified there from all our sin and our silly ways.

As you flee into the sores of Christ, dear brethren and nuns, you may recognize the Father's merciful balsam of salvation and find the power to take it to others, to undress every pain and every sorrowful one. Even with very scarce resources, there are clear indications that many fellowships preach the Gospel to other racial minority groups, never coerce or coerce, but are always invitation and hospitable.

You are encouraged to share with others the invaluable knowledge that you have been given, the God's charity that is ascending in the Sacred Heart. God's charity is the most precious. This is the fullness of Jesus' will. Doesn't he tell us that his knowledge is compelling (cf. Lk 21:15)? However, his unrepeatable charity, which is manifested on the crucifix, is in the end inexorable.

Let her always attain for us the graces of the harbingers of real knowledge, of compassion for the needy and of the happiness that comes from the rest in the sores of Jesus who lovingly kept us until the end.

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