Local Time in Yangon Myanmar

Yangon Myanmar Local Time

Please click here to convert San Francisco time to local time. More about Hmawbi, Yangon Province, Myanmar. Actual time, time zone, daylight saving time, GMT/UTC, population, zip code, altitude, latitude, length Moonrise time for today, Moonrise time for today, Sunrise time for today, Sunset time for today, Actual local time in Myanmar, Yangon. This forecast shows the local time for Thongwa. Mayor of Yangon is Maung Maung Soe.


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Vietnamjet launches Hanoi - Yangon Flight

Vietjet Air is announcing its new round-trip from Hanoi to Yangon (Myanmar) with VND205,000 and up. This new itinerary will start on August 31, 2017 with the goal of meeting the growing tourist needs between Vietnam's main town and Burma's tourist center. Yangon is the second port of call after the recently discovered Ho Chi Minh CitYangon Yangon facility.

Vietnam and Myanmar are rapidly attracted to investments in tourist and business developments with these distinctive nationalities. This new service is designed to provide an impressive response to the needs of travellers and business people for the further growth of the region's economy and commerce, thanks to favourable schedules and excellent fares.

For general information

Burma is a year-round tourist country and has three peak periods. Hottest period is from March to mid-May, wet period from mid-May to early October and cold period from mid-October to late February. Every time of year has its own charm, and even during the wet-season, there are many clear sky and the landscape is verdant and luxuriant.

Over 60 per cent of Myanmar's people are Bama (Myanmar) and the other large ethnical groups are Kachin, Kayah, Karen, Chin, Mon, Rakhine and Shan. Travel within Myanmar: Regular services are available via Air Mandalay, Yangon Airways and Air Bagan to Mandalay, Bagan, Thandwe, Heho, Sittwe, Tachilek, Myiek, Kawthoung and other locations.

Yangon is charged US$/FEC10 per passenger for departure on intercontinental services. Nonchalant and lightweight clothes are suggested for Myanmar all year round. In the cooler seasons and when traveling in the north, a lightweight pullover or a lightweight coat is useful. Most of Myanmar's major cities have phone and facsimile connections.

E-mail is available in many Yangon and Mandalay restaurants and shops. Myanmar has one of the lowes criminality levels in the hemisphere and is far ahead of Europe and other major Asia locations in respect of security, according to United Nations figures. The Myanmar is known as "Kyat" (pronounced chat).

1000; 500; 200; 100; 50; 20; 10; 5th Previously licenced moneychangers can help you to convert US$/FEC to Kyat area. Myanmar has more than 100 different ethnical groups, all with their own language and dialect. Most of the people in Myanmar are fluent in Myanmar (Burmese), although English is widely used. You can book useful tourist chauffeurs who know the most important language skills through your travel agent.

Approximately 85 per cent of Myanmar's population are Theravada Buddhists. Myanmar time: It is GMT + 6. Dining: Traditional Myanmar cuisine such as Mahinga, Chaukswe, various roasted and roasted delights and a wide range of Myanmar Curry are available in renowned Myanmar cuisine. Traditional Thai and Brazilian meals are available in the big cities' favourite grocery stores.

There are many different handicrafts and antiquities available throughout Myanmar. Of course Myanmar is known for its gemstones, especially the ruby. There is no formal vaccination requirement, although prophylactic treatment against the disease is often advised by general practitioners. In some cases, vaccination against typhus, haepatitis, tetanus as well as Japanische Enzephalitis is also recommend. Each hotel offers bottling and a good choice of oriental and oriental cuisine.

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