Wellcome to the home of the municipality of Llanelli. class= "mw-headline" id="Etymology_of_Llanelli">Etymologie de la carte à puce à puce Llanelli[edit] The Llanelli is bordered by a number of towns and municipalities in the county of Llanelli. Several of these municipalities, especially those surrounding the city, are often described as Llanelli inofficially. Llanelli is, in many ways, a sequel to the Newport Cardiff Swansea Metropole in the more remote west of Wales, or the beginning of it.

Llanelly " is an English version used until 1966, after which it was modified by a municipal advertising canvas. You can see this in the name of the historical Llanelly House. This can also cause mix-ups with the Llanelly community and rectory, located in south-east Wales near Abergavenny.

Situated on the Lliedi river, although much of the Lliedi stream is not exposed, especially in the city center, where the stream is below the city. Llanelli's first beginnings lie on the land of today's Parc Howard. It was the beginning of the construction of the city and its churches.

Llanelli, a historic mountain city, expanded considerably in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with the extraction of coals and later the production of metal sheet and steel. Most of these industrial sectors were serviced by the Llanelly and Mynydd Mawr Railway, which opened in 1803. In the second half of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Llanelli became such an important local pewter manufacturer that it was called " Tinopolis ".

As a result of the closing down of mining facilities and foreign competitor companies, Llanelli, like many other cities in South Wales, has experienced a significant and prolonged period of recession since the end of the seventies. Llanelli was the biggest city in the 20th millennium, where more than half of the inhabitants speak a Celtic language.

It is the seventh biggest city area in Wales. 7 per cent of the inhabitants of the city of Llanelli could have spoken Welsh. The Llanelli area, however, is a Welsh fortress where 56% of Welsh speakers live in municipalities such as Llwynhendy and Burry Port. Llanelli's legacy industry has been in slow declines over the past few dozen years and the Llanelli community has reacted by encouraging development such as the Machynys Golf Course, new shopping centres in Trostre and Pemberton and the Millennium Coastal Park to draw in tourists.

13 ] The Kerneinkaufsstraße has meanwhile largely shifted from the city center to the Trostre/Pemberton area. The Llanelli has a long history of making beer, with the Felinfoel Brauerei in Felinfoel, just outside the city. At the end of the eighteenth millennium, after his move to Llanelli, he participated in the foundation of a small beer factory in the city.

Scarlets, a local team participating in Pro14, and Llanelli RFC, a team participating in the Principality's premiere game, are the city's trade unions' trade unions in the Parc y Scarlets, which opened in November 2008 just outside the city of Pemberton. Previously, the two sides had been playing at Stradey Park, where Llanelli has been playing RFC for over 130 years.

Sosban Fach ("Little Saucepan"), the Welsh folksong, is mainly associated with Llanelli RFC. Lots of hockey teams have remarkable headgear from around the world, but on 31 October 1972 Llanelli perhaps maintained the biggest by defeating the New Zealand All Blacks. Llanelli also has a powerful youth football nucleus, which includes teams such as Felinfoel, New Dock Stars, Furnace and the Llanelli Wanderers.

Coedcae School won the Inter-Schools Cup of Wales in 2005 with an 8-5 win over Brynteg Comprehensive. Llanellis Liga Rugs are the West Wales Raiders and are playing in the 1 Division of the Rugsby Ball Sports Group. The Stebonheath Park is home to the Llanelli A.F.C. rugby team. Although the city has a long tradition of playing games, soccer is a very favourite way to pass the time.

In Llanelli the Llanelli Open Bowls Tournaments take place annually, of which the oldest and most renowned, the Roberts-Rolfe Open Singles Tournament, has been held since 1926 and now has a first price of 600 pounds. Llanelli area has two major links, the Machynys Peninsula Gulf & Country Club, which held the Wales Ladies Championship of Europe from 2005 to 2008, and the Glyn Abbey Gulf Club, which was appointed Welsh Gulf Club of the Year 2009.

Terry Griffith's OBE was born and is home to Llanelli, the 1979 Llanelli knooker champions and second in 1988. Today he is a trainer and annotator for The Terry Griffiths Matchroom in the city center. The National Wetlands Center, about 1.6 km west of Llanelli, near Llwynhendy and Bynea, is one of nine wetlands administered by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust.

The Llanelly is one of Llanellis most historical buildings and an example of a early eighteenth c. townhouse. Opposite the vicarage there is a bad condition of the building, but it was recently bought by the municipality in order to fully reconstruct it for civil and communal use.

Building in 1714 for Thomas Stepney, the Carmarthenshire deputy. There is a Llanelly Portery exhibition (Llanelli with a "y" at the period of pottery), an artistic exhibition and materials on the city' s past. All year round there are numerous carnival rides, festivities and activities in or near Llanelli.

Located on the southern shore of West Wales, Llanelli is connected to many domestic sites by roads, railway and flight connections. Swansea is connected to the M4 highway via the A 4138 and to Swansea via the Loughor River on the A 484. The Llanelli is serviced by frequent buses between Swansea and Carmarthen and express buses between many important British cities.

The train is an important connection to the city from Llanelli trainstation, which is situated on the Great Western Crescent just to the south of the city center. Fishguard and Swansea are linked to the West Wales Line and are the final stops on the Heart of Wales Line, which links the city to Mid Wales and Craven Arms, and Shrewsbury via the Welsh Marches Line.

Trains run twice a day between the city and London Paddington and there are frequent connections to Cardiff Central and Manchester Piccadilly. Llanelli County is also serviced by four regional rail terminals in Bynea, Llangennech, Pembrey & Burry Port and Kidwelly. The Llanelli is linked to the National Cycling Route Network from the NKR 43 from the northern side and to the NKR 4 from the eastern and western sides along the coast[42] These itineraries are directly linked to the city center by a cycling route.

Ysgol Gymraeg Dewi Sant, the first Welsh middle elementary in Llanelli, was founded in 1947. English middle schools are St John Lloyd, Bryngwyn and Coedcae; the only Welsh middle is Ysgol y Strand. At Coleg Sir Gâr (Carmarthenshire College) his headquarters are in Graig near Pwll.

Offering higher training for most of the city's continuing educators, it offers a restricted selection of part-time courses at the University of Wales. You can find high schools in Ysgol Gyfun y Strade (Welsh medium) and St. Michael's (English medium). Mr Llanelli is a member of Llanelli's own electoral district, which is currently made up of the Labour member Nia Griffith and the Wales National Assembly electoral district, whom is replaced by Labour's Lee Waters AM.

The Llanelli municipality is administered by the Llanelli City Council and the Llanelli Rural Council (depending on the urban area) and the Carmarthenshire County Council at the municipal authority level. Notice that the Llanelli Rural Council is aimed at a part of the city, but above all at the rural Llanelli population. Recently there have been many rulings by the Carmarthenshire agencies, involving the Carmarthenshire County Council and the Municipal Health Board, which have been very disliked and harmful to the Llanelli area.

As a response, demands were made to restore the Llanelli administrative region as either a municipality or a town, and to make the whole area separate from Carmarthenshire. Llanelli municipality is adjacent to the municipalities of Llanelli Rural, Llanrhidian Higher and Llanrhidian Lower, the latter two being located in the town and in Swansea area.

The Llanelli Waterside, a JV between Carmarthenshire County Council and the Welsh Government, is a scheme designed to promote the Llanelli area' s regenerative development by converting the promenade into a commercial, recreational and housing town. Bennett, Fly-Half, Wales and Britishions. Gravell Ray, Wales Rally Players, the British and Llanelli RFCs, actors and broadcasters.

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