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Synonyms:", (n.) Savor; Grade; color. Synonyms:,,,,,,,,,,,, relinquishing Significance in Urdu: The search for expressions in Urdu can be helpful to understand the contexts efficiently. In Urdu you can get more than one sense for a single words.

They were looking for the German term "Relishing", which means "???". Masters in Urdu. Significance in Urdu reishing was sought 18180 (eighteen thousand one hundred eighteen) time until August 21, 2018. In Urdu and Roman Urdu you will find the German translations of Lizat Pasand Karna for the term relief.

Most of the definition of the term relying has been described in detail, as well as various names for the term relying, such as Degustation, Savoring, Tasting Bask, Enjoy, Flavor, Gusto, Sapidity, Savor, Smack, Tang, Zest . From this page you can hear the clear language of the term "Relishing" through our language glossary on-line - a one-of-a-kind opportunity for committed people.

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For the last name Lizat 3,000 data sets are available.

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Last name Lizat

During the last hundred years most Croatians were bred with this surname in the Bosnian Posavina (Odzak region). In Croatia today only a few persons with the wrong name Lizat are living in a house. You are only in a town in Croatia and another small town, mostly in Kostrena in Bakr (

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