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Locate the best liveaboards in Myanmar, Burma, with these comparative analyses and independent reviews. Liveaboards Burma reviews and advice. Liveaboard diving in Myanmar is currently the only way to experience the remote, quiet and invisible dive sites of Burma's beautiful Mergui Archipelago. From Phuket Myanmar diving safaris are easily accessible and full of fantastic underwater world. Liveaboard safaris in Burma/Myanmar (Mergui Archipelago) and Thailand (Similan Islands).

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Myanmar (also called Burma) is situated in Southeast Asia, bordering Thailand, India, Bangladesh, China and Laos and is inhabited by 51 million populations. 1930 km (1200 m) of unbroken shoreline stretches along the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea is beginning to develop new dive spots. Myanmar is home to Naypyidaw and the biggest town is Yangon (Rangoon).

A few astonishing diving experiences can be found here, after it has just been opened to the larger audience, this is a preserved mystic area of the globe. As Myanmar is changing rapidly, don't hesitate to come and see this still-unauthentic land that is not yet swamped by civilization. Ensure a great and extensive experience in a varied and intriguing area.

Small-size groups of 4-6 people per group. The secluded and secluded part of Burma is home to some wonderful sandy beaches: Mergui Archipelago. You will travel to and explore several hundred uncharted isles, and scuba diving in unspoilt areas, unlike the crowds of tourists in neighboring Thailand. There are many excursions to the Mergui Archipelago, both to the Similan Isles and Burma's southerly regions.

Myanmar has a tendency to rock face dives, caverns, galleries and canyons. The cruise takes between 4 and 7 days. Several of the locations are quite low and the area is isolated. Myanmar has more than 50 divesites and is very inexpensive.

Depths are 5-40+ meters, with visibilities of 5-50 meters and a sea temp. of 25-28C. Most of the areas are great with giant record coral, but the reasons to go diving here are for different kinds of environment not found in Thailand or the actual Mergui archipelago. The Black Rock, the favorite place of many scuba diver in the Mergui Archipelago.

There are some of the best cave and mural dives you can think of in Western Rocky. Myanmar scuba liveaboard dives are truly amazing. From February to May there are most visitors from the whalesharks and for mantas February to May is a good season for scuba-dipping. Burma is more traditional than its neighbours.

It is recommended that you take out medical, dive and tour insurances, which include the following. Cash machines accepting internationally accepted credit and debit cards appear throughout Myanmar. There are also cash machines in relatively isolated areas. Burma is trying to motivate both natives and tourists to use the indigenous money - Kyoto - instead of the US dollar, which was the favoured until 2012.

There has been an improvement in on-line accessibility and the web is now expanding to other distant sites. Blackouts and tightly packed band width are a good way to just go scuba instead of using the web as a scary practice. Review your government's pretrip conflict counseling and ask about the current state of affairs when you are in Myanmar.

There' s only 1 country timezone in Myanmar: Especially in the wet seasons there are often failures and fluctuations in electricity. From Bangkok, Bangkok Airways flies directly to Ranong on the Thai side of the Myanmar-Fjord. Air Bagan and Myanmar are among the country carriers. It' less expensive and simpler to fly through an agency when you're in Myanmar.

Burma is no longer the cheaper target it once was, make sure you adapt your budgets accordingly. Governmentfee Myanmar: between $170 and $250, diving equipment, nitrox, alcohol and cigars. Attention: To obtain an entrance permission for Mergui (which contains a 30-day visa), you need at least 10-14 nights.

A good diving adventure in a rather small vessel and with a small group of scuba diver (5), assisted by 3 instructors. Burma was awesome, but unfortunately we didn't see any pelagic. I had a great quality holiday and I am looking forward to another one. Diving places similar to those in Thailand and Thailand, but with none other than you.

There are still many more diving spots to explore. I would widen! As the divesites that were closer to the shore had planskton in the sea, there was not very good sight. Astonishing, very friendly humans and a really tranquil countryside. There were astonishing diving spots in secluded areas with a great variety of sea creatures, beautiful cavern rock formation, huge sea fans and small lives.

The two things we had bad luck with on our journey: visibilty and big game. This is a great adventure in places that are unspoiled or underwater. It was a little early in the year to see everything we wanted to see, but overall the overall impression was upbeat. Wouldn't I suggest the Miss Moon Boot? yes, but maybe later in the scuba surfing saison, when you have a better opportunity to see all the pelegians.

The Myanmar dive and the beautiful island I loved.

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