The name Lismore is of Gaelic origin, from Scotland and Ireland, from the Irish Lios Mór or the Scottish Gaelic Lios Mòr, both mean "big ring fort" or "big garden" Location - transport - maps of lismore & surroundings - regional map - contact - the lismore brochure - moving - connection with us - lismore + nimbin tourism. Where to find us Introduction Ferries Accommodation Local Information Island Stories Lismore's People Whats On News Island Groups Gallery Nature History Take a trip to Lismore Australia & discover North Coast NSW!

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There are a number of protected monuments in Lismore, among them: At one time, Lismore and the neighbouring cities were part of the Big Scrub rain forest, of which less than one per cent remained after population. The Lismore is on the Bruxner Hwy and the junction of the Wilsons River (a confluent of the Richmond River) and Leycester Creek, the main town of Sydney State, 764 km southwards of the state.

Lismore's main commercial area is 35 km from the east shore and 46 km south-west of Byron Bay. In Lismore there is a damp sub-tropical weather with year round moderate to hot temperature and a lot of precipitation. Its sub-tropical climatic and geographic conditions make the city exceptionally damp in comparison to the neighbouring areas, whereby the air moisture in summers is often 100%.

And Lismore has 109. A state-sponsored programme to prevent the CBD and South Lismore from flooding for 1-to-10 years was adopted in 1999. It would mean that most of the smaller flooding would not reach the centre of Lismore and would significantly increase the amount of materially evacuated inhabitants and the commercial environment during major one.

Nevertheless, some 3,000 inhabitants of Lismore were displaced after the flooding on 30 June 2005 affected much of the area[15], many of whom were accommodated on the Southern Cross University Campus. The new dike, however, which had been finished two week earlier, contained the damages and prevented the waters from entering the Central Business District.

The 2016 Lismore population was 27,569. Lismore is a popular paper with its headquarters in Lismore. Royal The Northern Rivers Echo is a free joint magazine for Lismore, Alstonville, Wollongbar, Ballina, Casino, Nimbin and Evans Head. Lismore's commercially available radios are Triple Z (hit music) and 2LM 900 AM (also broadcasted on 104.3FM).

The most important TV stations are available in Lismore and the Northern Rivers area. They are currently sending as follows: The network and channel types are as follows: The digital broadcasting channel is also transmitted via the ABC TV and SBS TV network. Norco is a cooperative based in Lismore.

Lismore is the central location of the Southern Cross University headquarters. In Lismore and its surroundings there are a number of colleges, both state-run and private: Lismore Marist Brothers Rams is the regional football division of the Northern Rivers Regional Series. In 1963 Lismore founded a town twinning with the Yamatotakada town in Nara Prefecture, Japan.

This first such relation between Australia and Japan was instigated by Lismore-born Marist preacher and author Paul Glynn. It is also a twin town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin and Lismore, County Waterford, Ireland. The first stanza of the full-length Geoff Mack's "I've Been Everywhere" contains Lismore and is also included in the Midnight Oil track "Outside World".

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