span class="mw-headline" id="History">Historyspan class="mw-editsection">< class="mw-editsection-bracket">[edit]>> Linkköping (Swedish pronounced:[²l?n???ø?

p??]) is a town in the south of Sweden with 153,000 residents from 2016. 2 ] It is the seventh biggest town in Sweden. This is the headquarters of the municipality of Linkoping and the capitol of the Östergötland district. The bishopric of the diocese of Linkoping (Church of Sweden) is also known for its disaster.

Linkköping is the centre of an old culture and in 1987 marked its 700-year existence. The Domkyrka tower dominates the town' s Skyline from a distance. Today Linkköping is known for its college and its high-tech industries. Linkköping wants to achieve a lasting urban growth and therefore wants to become a climate-neutral municipality by 2025.

Linköping is situated in the Östergötland plain and is in close contact with Norrköping, about 40 km eastwards from the coast. It is possible that the name of the town comes from the Lionga meeting, which was the most important event in Östergötland according to mediaeval Nordic law. Linköping is an early bishopric, which in Sweden (within the borders before 1658) is only second only to Skara.

In 1104 the bishopric was first included in the so-called "List of Florence" (Lionga. Kaupinga). Vreta Convent near Roxen just south of Linköping was founded in 1128, and the oldest parts of the Duomo also date from the twelfth cent.

In Linköping, an attempt was made several times to establish their own independent diocese, but when they succeeded in 1164, Uppsala was elected. Religive centres are prone to become centres of education, and Linköping was no different. There has been evidence of a canonship since 1266. The present day Linköping Catholic College was founded in 1627, making it Sweden's third oldest gym.

In Linköping the conflict between Sigismund III Vasa and his uncles Duke Charles, who reigned on 25 September 1598 in the battles of Stångebro (today a sport ground near Linköping), was finally settled. In the end this resulted in the accession of Charlemagne to the Holy See (de facto on Council Day 1600 in Linköping and four years later), the end of the short-lived Swedish-Polish personnel union as well as the hanging of five of Charles' opposition politicians on the Hauptplatz in Linköping on 20 March 1600.

Linkköping was a small village until 1937, when the Saab aviation industrie was founded. The University of Lindoping was founded in the 1960'. Nowadays, the municipality is a centre of high tech and computer industries. Linkköping has a moist mainland climatic (Dfb), but with marine influence, which retains the great variations between the four seasonal periods, but is relatively gentle compared to other regions of the globe at similar degrees of latitude.

Although Linkköping tends to be slightly colder in summers than the surrounding areas of the Mälar River Basin, the Swedish meteorological base is still among those formally mentioned in the official menstrual statistic that is nearest to a sub-tropical period, with July 1914 at an average of 21.8 C (71.2 F) and the sub-tropical boundary at 22 C (72 F) in the hottest time.

Linköping's head office provides a wide range of free time facilities for everyone of all age. Sluices of Berg on Göta Canal, sluices of Kinda Canal, Gamla Linköping, Valla slava and Valla fritidsom area (Old Linköping, Valla Forest and Valla recreation area), Flyggvapen Musuem (Air Force Museum), Linköping Cathedral, Slotts- und Domkyrkomuseet (Castle and Cathedral Museum) and Östergötland's Länsmuseum (Östergötland District Museum).

The Konsthallen Passagen are an artworks galery on the Hauptplatz. Turnby, just south of the center, is a giant commercial center with giant retailers and large car parks. It and its surroundings provide all kinds of lush countryside to see and enjoy. Linkköping is the home of the Linkkoping Symphony Orchestra.

It is one of the venues for the Östergötland Music Days in spring and hosts the Student Orchestra Festival in May each year. The Male Choir of the University of Linkoping is one of the most important choruses in the town. Linkköping is also home to the theatre based heavymetal group Ghost and the Rockband Pusjkins (sv).

In the 60s the area around the Hauptplatz was newly designed and many old buildings were demolished. However, some were relocated to Gamla Linköping (Alt-Linköping), in the west part of the town, next to the central college building. Linköping is the venue for the biggest carnival event and games fair in the north.

Linköping clubs are famous in the fields of playing ball, volley ball (Linköpings VC) and icehockey (Linköpings HC (see above), or "clubs", as some of our supporters call it). Linköping Innebandy, the world's biggest playing field ball clubs, is located in the inner courtyard of the town. There is still a shortage of a first-class men's soccer side with several lower league sides.

Saab is one of the largest workplaces in Linköping, which among other things produces the SAAB Gripen combat aircraft and in which the twin-engine SAAB 340 turbo-prop commuters were made. It also has a powerful footprint in information technology-based sectors such as Sectra, IFS (Industrial and Financial Systems), Motorola, Ericsson, Cambio Healthcare Systems AB, Infor and many others.

In Linköping, Toyota Industries Sweden AB is represented by one of its subsidiary companies, BT Industries, based in Mjölby, close by. It is home to Linköping University and the Linköping University Hospital. Katedralskolan (English: Cathedral School) is the third oldest gym in the state. The Wikimedia Commons has a link to Linköping.


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