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Nope, System of a Down didn't do a Zelda song. However This Guy Did. There has been some kind of popular Zelda track on the web for over a decennium, which many believe was composed and played by System of a Down. It' just Zelda' was composed (and sung) by a man by the name of Joe Pleiman. In 1998 it was published on an record of the same name Rabbit Joint.

More than ten years ago the tune was up-loaded to Napster, in the savage era before the ministry was discontinued and just left. It was just up-loaded as " SOAD - The Legend of Zelda " or " SOAD - Zelda ". Since these were the early 2000s, many folks thought that this implied that it was played by System of a Down, especially given the resemblance between Pleiman's singing and that of System's Serj Tankian.

This is a pretty snowy tune, and it has been appreciated by million of fans for a tune they didn't participate in. He can at least see the fun side by posting on his own website that on the 1998 record "the Zelda hit the headlines as System of a Down".

He was in 2003 in a group named Splinter, which published an record named Hip Tanaka. So if you've never listened to the track, take a look below.

"There is a clear connection - he is a mentally ill man with a poor hair cut and a dubious story with women...."

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