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Complimentary messages and more Enjoy LINE's most important features in a lighter package. Burma can be described as a postcard country with elaborate pagodas, one-legged fishermen, friendly people and a rich cultural history. The IMBF remains below ITBP and patrols the zero line (c. With three weekly departures from Myanmar we connect you and your company seamlessly with the world. Myanmar contact information, facility information and restrictions.

Myanmar Ooredoo offers premium landline Internet connections with SLAs and affordable point-to-point connections within and outside the country.

Line starts its free messaging application in Myanmar

LINE, a portable message application, reaches Myanmar with thrilling extras like adorable and funny labels. First released in 2011, LINE provides free news, voices, videos and group chats at local and international level, incorporating various local and international content such as labels, home & timeline and many of the LINE applications, such as LINE gaming and LINE cameras, making it a "Smartphone Life Platform".

The LINE offers funny labels that allow the user to communicate their emotion with different people like Brown, Cony, Moon & James and their discreet people. "LINE offers the "Hidden Chat" function in certain areas, which is different from default chat because the sender can choose a certain period of automatic deletion of sent message and information.

Naver PLUS Corporation, the world's leading provider of wireless platforms, is a wholly owned subsidiary of LINE Corporation. Using LINE PlUS, LINE and its families can create an innovating portable message management system and a new style of communications. The LINE has proved very successful in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and Spain.

The LINE PLUS Corporation is based in Seoul, Korea.

Free calls & messages from LINE Lite

LINE's key functions are now available in a lightweight pack. Sending and receiving news and pictures from your LINE and LINE Lite family. To toggle between LINE and LINE Lite, please enter your e-mail adress. Find your friend quickly by typing in their ID. You can also automate adding someone as a friend from your device's contacts book.

Call for free by selecting the buddy you want to join or by tap the + buttons at the bottom right of the home page. It is recommended that you use a tariff or a Wi-Fi connection.

The LINE IM application is launched in Myanmar

The Japanese LINE Corporation has officially started its IM solution Fridayin Myanmar and brought prominent people into a TV spot to advertise the game. LINE's formal introduction follows a software rollout in March, with reactions from locals pointing to brisk interest in the appeal, said Darin Hwang, general manager of LINE Myanmar.

"We have chosen Myanmar as the next markets for a new shift, as we see that the fastest growing nation after its gentle start in March is Myanmar with 309 percent," said Mr. Hwang. He said LINE will work with Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT), the country's premier wireless carrier, to advertise the application.

The LINE is one of the world's most widely used text messages apps. LINE was introduced in Japan in mid-2011 and has drawn million of viewers in 230 different markets, among them South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. According to LINE Myanmar, the application has over 180 million live subscribers per month and approximately 70,000 subscribers per hour worldwide.

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